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Charlie Villanueva: Real quick…I’d like to address this issue since I still get asked about it. I guess I cannot ignore this, especially with this being my first post of the year…but in response to that fight with Russell Westbrook. So I did not mean to grab him like that, I really wanted to separate him from JJ and protect my teammate. To keep it 100, I am always going to protect my teammate, regardless of who. That is my mentality and I am not apologetic about that. Nothing against Russell, I respect the league and my fellow colleagues, I will simply always have JJ’s back. It might have been a Latino thing.
Even if you can’t drive to the basket like Mavericks point guard J.J. Barea, you can still look like the veteran hoopster. Barea has entered the world of fashion and will debut a men’s collection in conjunction with Dallas boutique DEMERARA on Thursday. “Well it’s something different I had never done it before,” Barea said in a recent interview with WFAA-TV. “I like clothes. We got to dress up nice for games, for everything we do.”
But despite the lopsided score, Barea, Westbrook and a crew of pesky backups at least inserted entertainment where competitiveness wasn’t, providing some drama for a Thunder crowd that included former heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield. “That’s how Barea is,” Kevin Durant said. “He’s a chippy player. He has to be that way. He’s the smallest guy in the league, one of the toughest guys, (too).”