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Josh Smith
Position: F
Born: 12/05/85
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:225 lbs. / 102.1 kg.
Salary: $1,499,187
Smith knows how stifling a bad fit can be; he was waived by the Detroit Pistons in December after the team’s experiment with a massive front line became a colossal failure. He rebounded with a strong showing once he signed with the Houston Rockets. “It’s all about a player being happy and comfortable in his situation,” Smith said. “Me in Detroit, it’s kind of a similar situation. I think he’s been looking at it as a fresh year.”
Josh Smith: Let’s just look at what I actually said so we don’t get it twisted. This is the quote people shared: “It wasn’t about the money because of the Detroit situation, but at the end of the day, I do have a family, so it is going to be a little harder on me this year. But I’m going to push through it and try to do something long-term after this year.” The whole thing about it being “harder on me” comes down to family. It seems obvious to me, but maybe I could have said it more clearly. If you know the NBA, you know that moving to a new team is a decision that affects an athlete’s whole family. That’s even more true when you’re signing a one-year deal. With a one-year deal, there’s less stability because you know you might be moving again in a year.
Josh Smith: So I’m out there power-walking with the fam. My first response was, OK, who cares how a few people interpreted it? I know everyone on the Internet likes to be judgmental at one point or another. I try not to be too sensitive to any one thing. But it’s funny, because if you look at my whole statement, no one present at the press conference had any issue with it. Everyone seemed to know what I meant. It wasn’t until later that it took on a life of its own.