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He was the Celtics’ first-round pick in 2008, meaning he was projected to be part of the post-Big Three rebuilding plan. But J.R. Giddens hasn’t played in the NBA in three years, relegated to accepting overseas contracts after a short stint with the Knicks in 2010. Giddens played for the Heat’s entry in the Las Vegas Summer League, auditioning for teams seeking an athletic swingman. But his time in Las Vegas was limited to 16 minutes in two games, hardly enough time to display his skills. And for Giddens, lack of opportunity has been a consistent theme in his career. “I’d like to get back to the NBA, but at the same time you’ve got to get a chance to,” he said. “I feel like I had a good season in Italy and now I’m just trying to show people what I’ve got. Point blank, I’ve never gotten an opportunity to play. I don’t know any other words to say it. You go first round and not get a chance, it’s frustrating. I’m frustrated right now. “You can’t show teams anything when you’re on the bench. You can’t show them nothing. You can just practice hard, and that’s what I do, just practice hard and play good seasons where I go.”
After failing to land a roster spot during the Sacramento Kings’ training camp this season, Giddens took his talents to Poland and Spain but had bad experiences with both. He told the Journal last month that the Polish team still owes him money. He also said he got into a dispute with his Spanish team coach over food and weight and was released on the eve of his first game. An AolNews.com report said Giddens’ Spanish team coach reprimanded him for posting pictures of every meal he ate with the team. “It was over a Twitter comment some fan made,” Giddens told the Journal. “And the coach said I was fat.” The episodes, apparently, aren’t enough to keep Giddens from considering leaving the country again. “(Playing overseas is) always going to be a concern,” he said, “but that’s part of life.”
Giddens had 21 points, seven rebounds and three assists Friday night, but New Mexico never recovered from a 20-2 deficit to open the game, losing 126-101 to Iowa. The NBA’s collective bargaining agreement ends June 30, and if the owners and players can’t reach a new agreement, the NBA will shut down. Without summer-league opportunities, the question that Giddens faces is where he can work on that game after the NBADL season ends tonight. “Right now, I really don’t know,” Giddens says. “I could go back overseas. I’m still on the list of call-ups (to the NBA this season). Your guess is as good as mine.”
Svetislav Pesic was tired of the continuous pics posted on Twitter by JR Giddens about the food he was going to eat every time (check the pics about the not healthy food) and decided to not register the forward for Euroleague Top 16. For Giddens, who started the season in Poland with Asecco Prokom before being waived when the Polish champs failed to reach Euroleague Top 16, was fatal a sandwich with egg, tomatoes, lettuce and ham eaten for breakfast. The player was not adviced on time and Pesic got really upset that asked to the management to keep the forward out of the second part of the most important European competition. Giddens was also kicked out of practice.
RealGM: Is your main goal to get back to the NBA? JR Giddens: My main goal is to be the best person I can be and secondly to be the best basketball player that I can be. Situations in basketball are so up in the air. They could cancel my contract today, or I could get hurt and get sent home, while NBA teams could want me to come play for them. Whatever situation your life puts you in you have to feel like you can make the best decision. For right now I just have to focus on my next game and try to become better.
RealGM: You are one of the former NBA players that decided to move to Europe. As you already have this kind of experience, what do you think about Allen Iverson and his choice to sign with Besiktas? JR Giddens: Allen Iverson is a great player and he did what is best for his career. I support him because I’ve been his fan for years since I’ve been a young player. He only had a few points in his second game and I think it shows how competitive Europe is. There’s no defensive three seconds and offensively you have to dribble the ball a lot differently. It shows how European basketball set a very high level and when American basketball player comes over here, it’s actually a big adjustment. We really don’t know a lot about European basketball (in America), but as a man you have to provide for your family, you have to do whatever you can to put food on a table. I think financially he made his best choice by coming here to Europe and playing in the Eurocup. I think it was a smart decision. As a positive, you get more money and as a negative, you’re not in the NBA and it isn’t as good.