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JR Smith
Position: G
Born: 11/09/85
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $5,000,000
James’ response to Love’s benching was crucial. After all, at shootaround Friday Love said, “In a lot of ways before you can lead a game, you’ve got to learn to follow. If there’s going to be anyone in the league you’re going to do that with it’s going to be LeBron.” James was diplomatic. He credited Love for how he played when he was in there. He credited Blatt for having a “good feel for the game” in his substitution patterns. And he credited the Cavs’ fourth-quarter lineup that had him paired with J.R. Smith, Matthew Dellavedova, Tristan Thompson and Richard Jefferson for virtually the entire period for finishing the job.
Q: After the alleged incident that came out last week, which you and your lawyer denied, do you feel like the Cavs supported you? JR Smith: Yeah, absolutely. I think they had my back 110 percent. Other places that I’ve been, it definitely wouldn’t have gone down like that. And I appreciate them for that because they know what type of person I am. I mean, this is the first place I’ve been where I’ve started off with a clean sheet and they looked at me as the person that walked in the door every single day and has been consistent with them as opposed to whatever everybody else has said that comes along with it. With just that alone, that speaks volumes and I just look at every day as an opportunity to keep living up to that expectation that they have for me, as well as that I have for them. That goes for the players, the organization, the GMs, the coaches, everybody. Even the community. The way they’ve welcomed me, it’s only right for me to return the favor to be that person that I’m supposed to be.
Following the Cleveland Cavaliers’ shootaround session Saturday in preparation for this evening’s game against the Atlanta Hawks, J.R. Smith was forced to address allegations that he choked a 19-year-old last week in New York. “First of all, things aren’t being reported the right way,” Smith said, “but the team and I have spoken. We had conversations with coach [David Blatt], [general manager David] Griff and some of the players. I just don’t want to be a distraction to anybody else and I’ve just got to move forward.”