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Julian Wright
Julian Wright
Position: None
Born: 05/20/87
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:209 lbs. / 95.2 kg.
“For myself, it was comforting to know I have skills and have what it takes. It’s all about hopefully getting in the right situation to show it,” said the 6-foot-8, 240-pounder, who has accepted an invitation to play for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets in the Orlando Summer League in early July. “It was my first time in a while just being aggressive while scoring and being a guy they could count on. “I was hoping for a call-up (to the Toros’ affiliate, the San Antonio Spurs), but in hindsight I was glad I was able to get those minutes rather than getting called up and not playing as much.”
“There was a risk in staying (in U.S.) because of the lockout,” said Wright, who played at KU two seasons before turning pro. “Not knowing what was going on … I felt I had a duty to be a representative of the Toronto Raptors at the time of the lockout, going to meetings and traveling back and forth. Overseas didn’t seem like the best idea with me having to go midseason. “I took it in stride. There were other guys with NBA talents that were not able to stick with a team or get on a team. I went to the developmental league and it was great for me. “Me coming off my rookie contract, a lot of teams may not even know what I can do. I feel I didn’t even know what I could do at that level. Playing in the developmental league helped me a lot getting 30 minutes a game and those repetitions. I’m very confident right now.”
Sources told Ridiculous Upside that Julian Wright, a 2007 lottery pick and former member of the Kansas Jayhawks, signed a D-League contract on Thursday along with former Washington Wizards draft pick Hamady Ndiaye. Both players will find out their new team on Monday upon clearing waivers. It’s an interesting career move for Wright, but probably a necessary one if he wants to get back to the NBA and prove he was once worth the 13th overall pick by the New Orleans Hornets. The last time Wright was in the news was for not wanting to play while he was with the Toronto Raptors last season, but should thrive in the D-League as ESPN’s John Hollinger notes on his player page that “plays best in ragged, open-court games.”
Julian Wright: Being an “athlete” and a nice/cool dude sucks.. You get targeted as an ATM and when you say no to an opportunist.. you are the bad guy smh I understand I get stereotyped by millions of people but it’s an OCCUPATION not a WAY OF LIFE.. It’s what I do. Not who I am. I apologize to any and everybody that is offended that a BLACK athlete like myself has a CONSCIOUS and can’t be fooled or walked on #wisdom
“I’m staying put. I’m a player rep and I know how hard our staff is working, so I want to let them know I am behind them and our fight. However, I understand that a responsible man has to do what he has to do to take care of himself and his family, but I’m fine. We are aware that there are many people who are in much more dire situations than we are so we aren’t asking for sympathy. We just want the info that hits the press to be true and not stretched by the owners and their committee. Hopefully it can be settled soon.”
Former Kansas University basketball forward Julian Wright, who speaks in rapid-fire sentences, was rendered speechless Friday afternoon upon entering the Jayhawks’ shiny, new practice facility for the first time. “I walked in and I was like, ‘Wow,’’’ the 24-year-old Toronto Raptors forward said of the building adjacent to Allen Fieldhouse that opened for business on Aug. 24, 2009. “It took me awhile to get on the court ’cause I kept looking around. “I almost got emotional. I was in shock,” added Wright, who has completed four full seasons in the NBA.
Almost as importantly, the team has gotten along. Aside from a few minor issues — Julian Wright refusing to go into a game in Golden State last month stands out — the Raptors have been a cohesive unit. Given the mounting losses, that is an accomplishment. “For the one-off incident that did happen, it is so minor to the other s— that goes on around this league,” Triano said, answering in the affirmative when asked if there were at least five incidents on last year’s team that would have been worse than Wright’s refusal to play. There were likely more involving Hedo Turkoglu alone. “I think that [Triano’s] work ethic, his professionalism and his positive demeanour, which is the hardest thing to maintain, is what has kept us going more than anything else,” assistant coach P.J. Carlesimo said.
Julian Wright has apologized for refusing to go into the game last night … as the Raptors were being blown out by the Golden State Warriors. With Toronto down by 35+ points for most of the evening, head coach Jay Triano called upon Wright to go into the game late in the contest. But the swingman told the coach that he wouldn’t sub-in. When word of this story leaked out after the final buzzer, there was some talk that Wright may have been sick (he had recently returned from the rest room when Triano called his number) but it turns out the Kansas product’s health had nothing to do with his decision to not enter the game.
It sounds as if there is a small problem brewing in Toronto. Raptors coach Jay Triano called for forward Julian Wright to enter the game in a 138-100 blowout loss to the Golden State Warriors. The problem wass that Wright refused to enter the game. I don’t know what the deal is but apparently Wright isn’t too happy about the amount of playing time he’s been getting. There’s one way to solve it Julian, play better. Triano didn’t seem to be too bent out of shape over what took place. “I just went to the next guy,” Triano told the Toronto Star. “I wasn’t going to ask him twice.” “I asked (Wright) to go in, and he didn’t go in,” Triano said. “I know he went to the washroom just before that. I don’t know if he wasn’t feeling well. I still haven’t talked to him.”