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Julius Randle
Julius Randle
Position: F
Born: 11/29/94
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:250 lbs. / 113.4 kg.
Salary: $3,132,240
Months had passed for Julius Randle, his fractured leg had mended and, still, he sat as a solitary, seething customer in a Southern California restaurant. The trainers had let him back into the gym in March to start his long, lonely return to the Los Angeles Lakers’ lineup, and Randle desperately resisted the slow, steady churn of the regimen. He wanted to go longer, harder. He wanted to stay in the gym. “I’m frustrated,” Randle texted. “I just want to play basketball.” “Patience,” Kobe Bryant responded to him. “I’m 19 years old,” Randle wondered. “How do I have patience?” “It’s the only choice,” Bryant told him. “You’ll see.”
Gary Vitti on Julius Randle: So no matter what we do – we bring in officials, we scrimmage, have a little intrasquad scrimmage, that’s more than what he was doing before. But it’s not as much as summer league. No matter what they’re doing in summer league, it’s not going to mimic training camp. We’re going to play eight preseason games . Whatever those eight games are like and the practices in between, even though the loads and intensity are going to be greater than what we experienced in summer league, there’s still not going to be the same as a real NBA game. When you’re playing with your five guys and playing against their best five, there’s nothing you can do to recreate that. I don’t think people fully understand that. So it takes somebody like me to protect him from himself.”