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Justise Winslow: “Hassan Whiteside is averaging four blocks per game. Just sit with that for a second. Hassan is absolutely beasting it this season, and has been one of the most productive players in the entire league. Transcendent performance, night after night. But enough about his Snapchat. No, I’m just messing around — in all seriousness, he really has been playing at an elite, elite level. And it starts with those blocks.”
Justise Winslow: “You know when you look at a box score and a stat just doesn’t look right? That’s usually either a really good thing or a really bad thing. And some of these block totals Hassan’s getting … man, they don’t look right. Take our game against the T-Wolves: 22 points (on 10-14 shooting), 14 rebounds … and 10 blocks. A triple-double — with blocks. That’s on that “wait, did the stat guy make a typo?” level of statline. But that’s the level Hassan’s been at, basically all year.”
Justise Winslow: “And yet I somehow think he’s still a little underrated. Hassan gets love, definitely, but I don’t think people fully appreciate just how game-changing his shot-blocking presence can be during the course of a game. It’s not even the blocks themselves. Most of the time, honestly, it’s just the idea of his blocks, the fear that a block might be coming, that is enough to tilt a play in our favor.”
The Heat’s first round pick will be sitting out his first game as pro after rolling his left ankle in the fourth quarter of Saturday night’s win over the Magic. Winslow, though, said he doesn’t expect to be out long and will be making the trip to Memphis with the Heat for Tuesday’s game, where barring a setback he’ll likely play. “Just rolled it. Nothing serious. Just taking it slow,” Winslow said. “It’s day-to-day. We’ll see how it is tomorrow.”
Sometimes, you need to put your money where your clicks are. That’s what rookie Justise Winslow did after he tweeted the he might need to give Wikipedia a donation because he “wouldn’t have gotten thru high school without it.” Definitely not Duke #loyalty. That tweet got much more attention than Winslow expected, even spotlighted on some of ESPN’s programming. He said he’d simply woken up early on an off day and was looking up information on a music band. That inspired the tweet.