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Karl Malone
Karl Malone
Position: None
Born: 07/24/63
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:255 lbs. / 116.1 kg.
You officiated during the golden era of NBA basketball from Bird and Magic to Michael to now. What was that like when you sit back and think about it? Crawford: Kareem, [Hakeem] Olajuwon, Karl Malone [too] … everybody always forgets all these guys. I am very lucky, but I really didn’t appreciate them because I was reffing. When you are reffing, if you are doing your job you are trying to get them to adhere to the rules and it is hard some nights. I appreciated their competitiveness, but I didn’t appreciate those great, great moments. I appreciated [former Jazz coach] Jerry Sloan calling me a no-good … that used to be funny as hell. I used to tell a young referee, if you hit Jerry with a T, he would immediately call you a no-good m—–f—– … so I said when you call the first one, just get away from him because you are going to have to throw him [out otherwise].
The pizza preacher continued. “He has the second-most points of all-time. If there were still Karl Malones in the league, the league would be different. I freaking love Karl Malone. The best. Number one. Always. Over Tim Duncan. Over Dirk (Nowitzki). Over Kevin Garnett. I’m taking Karl Malone. 100 percent.” Can he get a “Hallelujah!?!” The equivalent of that happened when I posted a 30-second clip on my Twitter account (@DJJazzyJody). As I’d anticipated, Steve the Pizza Guy/Malone missionary, was a hit with an audience comprised mostly of Utah Jazz fans. The video has been retweeted 59 times with 194 likes and 11,592 impressions.