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Kelly Olynyk
Kelly Olynyk
Position: C
Born: 04/19/91
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:238 lbs. / 108 kg.
Salary: $2,165,160
The Clippers’ Crawford showed off his game Memorial Day weekend in Tacoma, Wash., (remember Crawford is from the Seattle area) at Celtics’ guard Isaiah Thomas‘ Memorial Day Zeke-End Basketball Tournament. The best part of this video is when Crawfords decides to try and nutmeg (go between the legs) of Boston’s Kelly Olynyk. Aside this one defender, Crawford is just too much for everyone involved. Watching NBA guys destroy lesser talent is one of the joys of summer.
It’s been a little more than a month since Kevin Love’s season came to a frustrating end at the hands of Boston Celtics center Kelly Olynyk. After some sleepless nights — caused from wearing an uncomfortable sling following surgery to repair a dislocated shoulder — and an opportunity to reflect on the play, Love has no hard feelings. “About a week went by, I reached out to Kelly, sent him a text and said, ‘It’s all good,'” Love admitted Sunday afternoon while talking to the media for the first time since that afternoon in Boston. “It was a tough play and just move on from there.”

Kevin Love holds no long-lasting ill toward Celtics

My experience has consistently been that anger subsides as dollars increase, and I’m told authoritatively that Love holds no long-lasting ill will toward either the Celtics or Olynyk. Boston can offer Love a max deal a second after midnight on July 1, an opportunity to again be the focal point of his team, lead an emerging surrounding cast and play for a terrific young coach.
Strangely, Love continues to rebuff Olynyk. He isn’t interested in the call, refusing to ease Olynyk’s guilt. For now, Love is a spectator to this Cavaliers playoff run, a player who is probably more missed on these Cavaliers now than he had ever been appreciated this season. “It’s so unfortunate that [the appreciation] has to come when he goes down,” Blatt told Yahoo Sports. “Kevin, in his own way, sacrificed the most this season, but still gave us a high-level performance. And he needs to be appreciated for that. And going forward, hopefully, he’s going to have a long career here.”
Love rejoined the Cavaliers on Wednesday, after he had stayed away from Game 1. Boston Celtics forward Kelly Olynyk and his representatives have continued to deliver word to Love and people close to him that Olynyk wants to privately apologize to him, sources told Yahoo Sports. Olynyk wants to tell Love personally that he never intended to injure him in Game 4 of that series, that he’s sorry for the shoulder surgery that’ll cost Love six months.
Ainge confirmed the Celtics will compete in both the Utah Jazz Summer League (July 6-9 with the 76ers, Spurs, and Jazz) then head up to Las Vegas for a week of games. The Celtics are still finalizing roster plans but Marcus Smart and James Young, coming off their rookie campaigns, will be part of the summer squad. Olynyk is not expected to play as he’ll spend part of August competing with the Canadian national team.
After getting knocked out of Cleveland’s Game 4 win with a shoulder injury — which required season-ending surgery — Love said he had “no doubt” Olynyk hurt him on purpose. “I think that that’s a little bit over the top,” Ainge said Thursday during an end-of-season press conference. “It’s understandable in the heat of the battle. I feel bad for Kevin Love because he’s waited a long time to get where their team is right now, and now he doesn’t get a chance to play.”
“I certainly don’t think that Kelly did it on purpose,” Ainge said. “I don’t even think that that play would have been reviewed more than a foul had Kevin not gotten hurt. But because Kevin did get hurt, the league does evaluate those situations. And I understand a little bit why they did it. “There was a lot of pressure in Cleveland. They were losing J.R. Smith in the first couple games of the next round, and they have Kevin out for the playoffs now. So I’m sure there was a lot of frustration in Cleveland and they wanted some justice. And they scrutinized it, and felt like Kelly gave a little too much at the very end of that arm tangling. “When someone gets hurt, you’re just under a little bit more scrutiny. But I thought it was just a foul, two guys going for a loose ball.”
Griffin wouldn’t divulge how he felt about the one-game suspension the Celtics’ Kelly Olynyk received for the play. Love was injured fighting for a rebound Sunday when Olynyk pinned Love’s left arm under his own arm and pulled it out of the socket. Love called it a “bush league” play and believes Olynyk did it intentionally. “It sickens me that a non-basketball play resulted in what it did,” Griffin said. “But beyond that, it’s very difficult to watch because it’s totally unnatural from a basketball perspective.”
Have you realized how much backlash there’s been over the play? Kelly Olynyk: I’d probably get killed if I went to Cleveland right now. I don’t think if someone gave me their arm and I was running forward like that and locked up, I don’t think I could dislocate someone’s arm if I tried. I think it’s a real tough thing to do. Like I said before, it’s kind of ridiculous to say you intentionally meant to. I’d never intentionally hurt someone, him or anybody else for that matter. I don’t think anybody goes out trying to hurt anyone. I think it’s just real unfortunate. If you get tangled up and he doesn’t dislocate his shoulder, there’s’ noting dirty ever said or anything. It’s just a foul. So I just really hope he can get back as soon as possible and help that team keep making a push.
Kelly Olynyk refuted the claims of Kevin Love that he purposely dislocated the Cavaliers forward’s left shoulder in today’s fourth and final game of their playoff series, a 101-93 Celtics loss. The Celtics forward, stunned that Love would accuse him of intentionally trying to cause injury, had a sharp reaction when forced to defend his reputation. “That’s ridiculous,” Olynyk told the Herald tonight. “I would never intentionally hurt Kevin or anyone else. He locked my arm up, I locked up his as we were fighting for a loose ball. You lock up arms all the time in this league.”
And so, suddenly, maybe everything changed on Sunday. Kelly Olynyk and Love tangled, Love’s left shoulder apparently separated and clearly he’s beyond furious. He called the play “bush league,” and insisted that Olynyk “did it on purpose.” Within the Celtics, those defending Olynyk privately suggested on Sunday that “he’s sort of uncoordinated and awkward” and that played a part in the mishap. Eventually, someone with Boston will probably need to convince Love about that theory too. Love could be lost for Games 1 and 2 of the second-round series against either Chicago or Milwaukee – or longer – based on the results of an MRI exam in Cleveland.