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Kenneth Faried
Kenneth Faried
Position: F
Born: 09/19/89
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:227 lbs. / 103.4 kg.
Salary: $11,235,955
Kobe Bryant gave a more detailed example, after Kenneth Faried scored 28 points on 10 of 13 shots to lead the Nuggets past the Lakers. “It’s just basic stuff. They ran a top screen and roll, for example, and we allowed the big to roll on the single side,” Bryant said. “[It’s lack of] experience. You can see the action, you make the big roll to the crowded side, so now Faried is rolling to a congested area. “And those are all just little details. That’s not something you recognize before; you see the action taking place, and then you make the adjustments right then and there. That’s just experience.”