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Kenneth Faried
Kenneth Faried
Position: F
Born: 09/19/89
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:227 lbs. / 103.4 kg.
Salary: $11,235,955
In a report by TMZ, it was stated that Lawson attended a hearing for his case in Denver last week with the judge saying that he’s made “excellent progress.” Another hearing for his case in Los Angeles is scheduled for next week. “I spoke to Ty. That’s my best friend,” said Faried, who’s about to enter his fifth year in the NBA. “We talk frequently – just about BS, like we just have conversation – and it was tough, you know, cause like I said that’s my best friend, that’s my boy, we was tight, but it’s the nature of the beast. It’s business. You can’t really dwell on the past.”
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Kenneth Faried: The stuff they say to you on social media, and we can’t say anything back because we’re supposed to be these people that anything that happens or anything somebody says to us, we should just handle it and go on about our life. But sometimes it’s hurtful. People telling you, ‘We don’t want you here on our team,’ or, ‘Trade this player,’ or, ‘You suck.’ That’s tough. Last year was tough for me because people would say, ‘You don’t deserve to be on the USA team. You suck. You’re not even going to make the team, why are you even out there?’ And I just have to take all that with a grain of salt and continue to go on about my way.
Kenneth Faried: I don’t pay attention, but when they comment on your stuff and you have friends who comment and you’re reading a friend’s comments, you see their comments, too. It’s like wait, wow, you really dislike me. Or because I’m Muslim, people think it’s a problem. They’re like, ‘Oh, you’re Muslim, you’re going to hell.’ Yes, I get that a lot. Or because I believe in gay rights or any rights — gay, lesbian, transgender, straight — it doesn’t matter who you are, I believe you have the right to do whatever you want and get married in a court of law. And when the 50 states made the agreement in the [Supreme Court] that gay marriage was legal and I was so happy about it and I posted on it, everybody came at me, like, ‘You’re going to hell. You’re supposed to be Muslim and you don’t believe in that.’ It’s just crazy.
Kenneth Faried hears all the noise, but he didn’t need to. He already knew what he had to work on this summer. “My defense, I’ve focused on that,” Faried said in a phone interview from Johannesburg, where he played in NBA Africa Game 2015 on Saturday. “I’ve been watching film on guys that I consider my toughest matchups, and I’ve been able to dissect them so that when the season comes around I’m able to guard those players — and become the player I want to be, and that’s hopefully defensive player of the year one day and first-team all-defense.”
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