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Kenyon Martin
Kenyon Martin
Position: None
Born: 12/30/77
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:233 lbs. / 106.1 kg.
Check out more info via Champions Basketball League: New York fan favorites are at the center of Champions Basketball New York team. The Gotham Ballers front office includes Walt Frazier, NBA Champion and Hall of Famer, is the New York team’s summer league President, NBA great and former New York Knicks/ Baltimore Bullets star Earl Monroe as General Manager, and leading the team as Coach is former New York Knicks player and Syracuse University standout, John Wallace. The Gotham Ballers player roster includes: Al Harrington, Kenyon Martin, Shawn Marion, Eddy Curry, Kareem Rush, Tyshawn Taylor, Jamaal Tinsley, Terrence Williams, Josh Childress, Daniel Gibson and Renaldo Balkman.
3 weeks ago via SLAM
“Towards the end of the game, me and Bonzi Wells are kinda getting into it. Kenyon’s at the bottom of the free throw line and the referee tells Kenyon, ‘Tell your rookie to be quiet because I don’t wanna have to give him a technical this late into the game.’ Kenyon tells me, ‘Hey Richard, be quiet.’ Bonzi Wells goes, ‘Yeah! Listen to Kenyon and shut up.’ I just lose it. I’m like, ‘F, Bonzi! And F, you too, Kenyon!’ “I go and sit down, I’m mad, pissed off. I’m sitting down and Kenyon comes in the locker room pissed off. I stand up and he pushes me down in my seat. We have a full-on fistfight. The only thing that saved me is Aaron Williams, and you remember how big he was, grabbed him from the back to try and calm him down. My last swing hits Aaron Williams in his lip and busts his lip open. At that point in time, I realize what is going on. I have no problem fighting Kenyon. Aaron? I don’t want any piece of,” RJ says still with a quiver in his voice.
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Kenyon Martin on the Nuggets training staff: When you (are) dealing with certain things on the summer and you really don’t know the people with the right resources to do the certain things…not to knock the Nuggets but I spent the majority of my career there. 7 years. And, for me, the medical staff at the time, besides Steve Hess, wasn’t the best. And that’s just…the proof is there but…that was then, it’s gotten a lot better now from what I’m hearing which is great cause things are evolving. But the things I was going through with my knees and things like that, I don’t feel personally like I got the help, besides Steve Hess, that I needed.
Kenyon Martin on Chauncey and Melo “Chauncey calmed everything down. Melo needs a strong point guard. (Strong) minded point guard. And I think Chauncey brought that to the table. Chauncey knew time, score situations. He knew where our scoring was coming from so he got everyone involved the first three quarters and fourth quarter (Melo) gonna do (his) thing. Every other year after that it was like, Melo 1st quarter, Melo 2nd quarter, Melo 3rd quarter, Melo 4th quarter.
Long one of the NBA’s most intimidating and confrontational players, Martin explained that his passion stemmed from a childhood battle with stuttering. After being teased by classmates, Martin stood up for himself and carried it over to the basketball court. “It just came to a point to where one day I just drew a line in the sand,” Martin said. “‘I’m not going to get picked on no more about this.’ And if you do, we going to fight. And that’s when it started. That’s when the aggression — when I drew the line in the sand — I don’t know how old I was, but I was just like, ‘I’m not taking it no more.’ Win, lose or draw, we going to fight. So that’s when it started and just transferring all that inner — going on at home, getting picked on in school and the streets and stuff like that, taking all that onto the court.”
Despite the bad workout, the Nets still made him the No. 1 pick, but head coach Byron Scott publicly questioned Martin’s work ethic early in the season. “I went and talked to Byron,” Martin said. “I went in his office, closed the door. ‘Listen, this is what it is, man. I’m out here busting my ass for you, for this organization. I’m not healthy right now. Work with me. Like, don’t go to the media. Like, why you going to them, f—ing talking to them? They ain’t in here doing this s— with us.’ ”
Martin and Woj also discussed how his reputation impacted the way he was viewed as a player. “Do you think people did not give you the credit for that basketball IQ, for how you thought the game?” Woj asked. “For whatever reason: was it they had preconceived ideas of who you were? Stereotype you? It felt like you never did.” “When you throw a few f-bombs or a few four-letter words in between a statement, people tend to block out the statement and the message,” Martin said.