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Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant
Position: F
Born: 09/29/88
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:225 lbs. / 102.1 kg.
Salary: $21,221,850
When you see all the attention LaMarcus and DeAndre [Jordan] have gotten the past few days, have you thought at all about next summer and yourself? Kevin Durant: “No I haven’t thought about it. I hear it all the time but I really am just focusing on rehab. I can’t get there unless I take care of today. That’s the way I look at it even though I hear it from every side, thinking past to next summer. But I’m not even trying to focus on that. I’m excited about our team, our new coaches and just trying to get back right.”
Is next year going to be hard for you, with all the questions about your future? “Man, this is the toughest year I’ve ever been through in my life, as far as basketball is concerned. Just to be back on the floor, all that other stuff doesn’t really matter to me. Everything, all that stuff, from distractions to that type of stuff really don’t matter because I get to do something I love and I can’t wait to get back out there and be fully cleared to play, but to be honest man, my main thing is just getting rid of distractions no matter what and focusing on what I have to do. I just can’t wait to play the game I love again, that’s all I’m focused on.”
You look bigger. Have you put on some weight? Kevin Durant: “Yeah, I think I gotta lose some weight to be honest. But I’ve been putting in a lot of work in the weight room. I haven’t moved at all for 12 or 13 weeks, so last week was really the first time I’ve got on the court and dropped some sweat. I’ve just been working out in the weight room and eating and just resting up, so like I said, last week was really the first time I got on the court.”
Last year was obviously a tough spot for you. Are you in a better place mentally now? Durant: “It was really tough. Looking back on it now, there’s a lot of stuff I would’ve changed but it was necessary to go through what I had to go through, mentally, and I’m in a great space right now. Maybe because I’m closer and closer to playing again but I’m in a great space.” What you mean, what would you have changed? Durant: “Just stuff I said. Sometimes I let a lot of stuff bother me that I shouldn’t have. I read a lot of stuff that I probably shouldn’t have. Lesson learned for me. Trial and error. It is what it is, man. I’m just trying to continue focusing on getting better and rehabbing and killing that part of this journey and hopefully getting ready for next season.”
But first things first: how’s the foot? “We’re close to Phase 3 now,” Durant happily reported. “A three-phase rehab. It’s going well. I’m jumping when I’m shooting. I’m not quite running and cutting yet but I’m almost there. So it’s going well. I’m excited.” Durant said he’s still on track to be cleared for full basketball activities sometime next month, and barring any setbacks the 2014 MVP should be a go by opening night. “We’re doing X-rays every two weeks and it’s looking good,” Durant said. “I’m excited to get back, man.”
The Nike KD 8 isn’t the only Kevin Durant sneaker being unveiled today. Durant also took to his Instagram to show off this, the Nike KD 8 NSW Lifestyle. Nike Sportswear takes on signature silhouettes have been standard for a couple of years now, and this one follows in that tradition by using minimal branding and a build that’s nothing like the coinciding KD 8. There is no sneaker release date yet for the Lifestyle KD 8.
But after three surgeries to repair a fracture in his right foot that caused him to miss 55 games this past season, the 2014 MVP understands why his name has slipped from a lot of minds as fans marvel at James’ and Stephen Curry’s electrifying performances in the NBA Finals. “It used to piss me off, but I love it now,” Durant told “Just gotta show and prove. I don’t deserve to be up there with them this year. Next year is a different story.”
Kevin said he reached out to you when there was rumblings that Donovan was close to being hired. What did you tell Kevin? Mike Miller: Basically the same stuff. Just told Kevin that he’d enjoy Coach. He has a great demeanor for the game. For me, that’s huge, especially at this level. He’ll have a lot more time to just focus on basketball, doesn’t have to recruit and those outside basketball obligations. But he’ll be prepared. He has the Van Gundy, Pitino type preparation, but at the same time is great with communication.
A number of players and agents who spoke to Basketball Insiders on condition of anonymity admitted as much. “Players will consider going to the East, for sure,” one Western Conference player told Basketball Insiders. “The East is down right now and the West is a dogfight. The seventh- or eighth-seeded team in the West could possibly make the Eastern Conference Finals with how things are now.” “It wouldn’t be a bad idea [to join an East team],” added another NBA player. “I’m pretty sure Kevin Durant is going to start it off and go home to [the Washington Wizards in] D.C.”
On Tuesday afternoon, during a conference call after the draft lottery, Presti was asked about Durant’s continued rehab. He said Durant is not yet working on the court, but the hope is he will be by the end of the summer. “Doing well. Progressing. There’s certain benchmarks within the season and offseason. We’re not at a weight-bearing stage, but we’re definitely moving in the right direction and excited about him being back on the floor toward the end of the summer.”