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Kevin Love
Position: F-C
Born: 09/07/88
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:255 lbs. / 115.7 kg.
Salary: $19,689,000
But when Love was on his own time this summer, he pushed his limits. He spent nearly a month in the thin air of Park City, Utah, along with Cavs strength and conditioning coach Alex Moore, on an aggressive rehab excursion. “It was all broken down to a science,” Love said. “[My shoulder] wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be and I wanted to get ahead of the game so I just put muscle on, really worked on my flexibility, range of motion and I came back from there and I really felt great about where I was and that has carried over. “What do they say? Train high, live low. And I was training high and living high for three-plus weeks and your hemoglobin mass goes through the roof. Your red blood cell count [increases]. And going up there, it’s like putting a hand or a pillow over your face and trying to breathe. So when I came back down to sea level, it was a big increase and I felt really great.”
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Kevin Love will participate in a full practice Saturday for the first time since shoulder surgery, inching him closer to an expected preseason debut in the near future. Both Love and Kyrie Irving remained in Cleveland to rehab during this two-game trip to Cincinnati and Philadelphia, but coach David Blatt said Wednesday morning Love will participate when the team reconvenes at Cleveland Clinic Courts this weekend. “He’s coming along real nice,” Blatt said.
Love said his ill-timed injury in the playoffs left him “very upset” and “down” and pretty helpless as he was reduced to a spectator of his own team. “What was the hardest part was obviously having to sit there and watch,” Love said. “Be in a suit and be in a sling and knowing that I could be out on the floor helping or doing different things and be at a way higher capacity than cheering helping the team. So, it was that … I really started to feel comfortable in what we were doing and then I hurt my shoulder. So, it was tough. Even if Kyrie had been healthy, who knows? But if I would have been healthy, who knows? It becomes a lot of what ifs.”