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Kwame Brown
Kwame Brown
Position: None
Born: 03/10/82
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:248 lbs. / 112.5 kg.
Kwame Brown: Someone wrote that my dad caused my scar with cigarettes, but that’s not true. My dad was in prison when I got the scar. A friend showed me that if you search for my full name on the internet, it said my name is Kwame James Brown. My middle name is Hasani. There’s so much misinformation out there that they can’t even get a name right! There was a report that Michael Jordan would make me cry in the front of the team (laughs). A guy who grew up like I grew up don’t really cry much. The report about him calling me a homophobic slur isn’t true.
Kwame Brown: I had to deal with an abusive father; he would abuse my mother. I had to deal with the police, who would kick down our door because my brothers were outside selling drugs. My childhood was crazy. And I still had to go to school while all this was going on. They did this thing called regentrification when I was young, so we’d get bussed from the inner city in Brunswick, GA, all the way to St. Simons Island, where I attended a predominately white school and got a really good education. I’m thankful for that part [of my childhood], because the alternative would’ve been crazy, but that was my life. It was crazy. When I was a kid, they kicked down my door 40 times. So, to answer your question, it’s easy for me to look past people talking about me. That’s nothing.
Kwame Brown: When I heard about that – and really anytime someone brings my name up out of the blue like that – I just wonder, “Why? What did you gain from that?” Why is the best player in the game at the time mentioning little old me? It was flattering. (laughs) But he was absolutely right. I needed ankle surgery and shoulder surgery when I was playing for the Lakers. Mitch Kupchak asked me not to get the surgeries. He said, “With one ankle and one shoulder, you’re still the best defender we’ve got. All we need you to do is defend.” I literally had trouble raising my arms. That’s why I don’t care when a fan hears this and laughs or whatever because they don’t know the full story. I know what was really going on and so do my peers. That’s why it seemed phony when Kobe said that, because Kobe acts like he’s my guy every time I see him. But then he’ll say something like this in an interview and I’m like, “That’s not really you.” I’m the same way all the time. I’m never going to act differently for a camera.