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Kyle Lowry
Kyle Lowry
Position: G
Born: 03/25/86
Height: 6-0 / 1.83
Weight:175 lbs. / 79.4 kg.
Salary: $12,000,000
Lowry came to camp shredded after killing himself with cardio and other workouts all summer. There wasn’t any one food Lowry gave up, he said. He just changed his habits. “In the summertime, you stay up late,” he said. “You have kids, you want to hang out with your wife, you stay up late. The thing I gave up was staying up late and having those 1 a.m., let’s go grab the little thing out of the fridge. It’s not hard to really give up anything if you take pride in your profession. My body is my money maker, and I’ve got to be in the best shape to be able to maintain the whole season, and play against these high-level players, and compete to where I can say I’m an All-Star.”
When asked about what Carroll has brought to the Raptors, Kyle Lowry smiles. “DeMar and I don’t have to worry about guarding the best guys,” Lowry said, making it clear he’s enjoying this change. “That’s his job, and he takes pride in it. He puts everyone in the right position too. He’s that glue guy who comes in every single night and plays his game. He’s going to be All-Defense, in my book.”
Kyle Lowry has been working with Joe Abunassar, the founder of Impact Basketball, since 2008. At 29 and coming off a season in which his production tailed off after the all-star break, Lowry wanted to play lighter. “It’s no different than if a 40-year-old said, ‘I’d like to lose weight,’” Abunassar says. Except that this is Kyle Lowry. Two days a week, training started at 6:30 a.m. at the bottom of a hill, which Lowry repeatedly ran up in minute-long bursts. He worked out on-court twice a day and finished with weights or extreme Pilates. Lowry rode his bike to and from workouts, and off-days didn’t exist. “We say ‘off,’ and it’s getting a 30-minute sweat in,” Abunassar says. “We couldn’t kill him the whole summer.”
Meals weren’t what you’d call enjoyable, either. They involved egg whites, lean meat, a lot of kale and many a salad, and excluded dessert, butter and oils. Abunassar wasn’t by Lowry’s side 24 hours a day, but he’s confident Lowry didn’t eat cookies or ice cream all summer: “He didn’t want that stuff.” Abunassar is happy to see that Lowry—now weighing in at a little more than 190 lb.—has everyone talking. “It was pretty sweet to see a guy at that age really bring his whole body together,” he says. “It’s an inspiration for anyone trying to get their body together, basketball player or not.”