Kyle Weems Rumors

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Whether his career at Missouri State ended Friday night or not, his basketball career has plenty left. He will travel to the Portsmouth Invitational April 11-14 to show off his skills for NBA scouts. If he doesn’t stick in the NBA, a lucrative overseas career awaits. But wherever his next stop is, he’ll never forget his five years in Springfield. “I’ll be part of Missouri State for the rest of my life,” Weems said. “I really feel like that’s my second home. Everybody there is my family. I’ve been blessed with a great opportunity to spend five years of my life there. But if it’s the NBA, it’s the NBA. If it’s overseas, it’s overseas. I still feel like God has a plan for me and I’ll just keep getting better and basically wherever the wind blows me I guess.” Said Lusk: “Kyle’s going to have an opportunity to play basketball and make a living doing that. If it’s in the NBA, then that would be absolutely terrific. If it’s overseas, then that would be terrific.