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Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving
Position: G
Born: 03/23/92
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:179 lbs. / 81.6 kg.
Salary: $18,868,626
“Brad’s made that very clear,” Irving said, “if the (defensive) effort’s not out there, if you’re not paying attention, if you’re not preparing the way we all should be preparing — that goes from the head coach down to the 15th guy — if you’re not preparing the way you should and perfecting your craft outside of the game, being very diligent, understanding our system, why it works, why we’re doing it, why the hell would you expect to play? He made it very simple. And I think all the guys, they understand it.”
As you may know, he’s referring to the fact that Kyrie Irving has repeatedly questioned if the Earth is round, although he once said he was trolling and then went back and explained his beliefs. The latest in a line of flat Earth truthers in sports is … Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge?