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Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving
Position: G
Born: 03/23/92
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:179 lbs. / 81.6 kg.
Salary: $17,638,063
Dennis Schroder and John Wall have done plenty of on-court trash talking during the Eastern Conference first-round playoff series between the Hawks and Wizards. Schroder hopes there will be more civil dialog following the season. The Hawks young point guard said he has learned a lot from his All-Star Wizards counterpart and would like to continue to do so this summer. Schroder said he has approached Wall and the Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving about working out together.
After he benched Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love in the fourth quarter of the Cavs’ 119-114 come-from-behind win Thursday, Lue was annoyed with how the lineup change was framed as Lue seeking “permission” from his two All-Stars to keep them out while Deron Williams and Channing Frye closed out the game. “That was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen,” Lue said of the coverage, without mentioning specific publications or shows. “A grown man asks somebody permission to do something, I never understood that. They always make a story out of something when it comes to us.”
3 days ago via ESPN
Indiana wanted star Paul George to take the last shot, but Cleveland double-teamed him and he was forced to pass it to Miles, whose shot was on line but short. “I talked to C.J. about it,” George said. “In situations like that, I gotta get the last shot. I was asking for it. C.J. took it upon himself.” Kyrie Irving added 23 points and Kevin Love had 17 for Cleveland, which has won 12 straight playoff games at home.
Channing Frye: It’s been amazing to see guys like Kyrie and Kevin grow as professionals. With Kyrie, it’s rare to find a guy that young who’s an old soul and a meticulous student of the game, who runs old Jordan and Kobe replays on his iPad in order to pick up some of their little moves. Something I’ve come to really admire about Kyrie is that he’s always computing out there — he’s logging everything that happens, and since nobody can guard him, that’s scary to think about. Listen, he’s a young guy who is gonna have ups and downs, and we often forget how young he is. But my respect for him has grown astronomically this season, and no, that’s not a wordplay on the whole “flat earth” thing.