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Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving
Position: G
Born: 03/23/92
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:179 lbs. / 81.6 kg.
Salary: $18,868,626
After months of of speculation surrounding a brand new takedown Kyrie model from Nike, Kyrie Irving has officially debuted his cost-friendly signature sneakers. The reveal occurred during a recent interview on the Sneaker School YouTube channel with Chris Strachan. While an official name still has yet to be announced for the silhouette, Irving refers to them in the video as the “Nike Core shoes.” The pair revealed sports a very extravagant color scheme inspired by one of Irving’s favorite movies—Pixar’s Toy Story. The left and right shoes are done up to resemble the Buzz Lightyear and Woody, the two main characters from the animated movie.
On the day of the NBA draft back in June, just days after Cleveland parted ways with former GM David Griffin, a robust Cavs contingent made up of front-office personnel, coaches and team support staff members held an impromptu, “what if?” discussion about Kyrie Irving’s future, multiple team sources confirmed to ESPN. The discussion, characterized as “small talk” by one source familiar with its content, was less a formal straw poll of what the Cavs should do with their All-Star point guard should trade opportunities present themselves, and more of a thought exercise anticipating what the market could bear for a player of Irving’s caliber. The talk got back to Irving, multiple team sources told ESPN, and that served as the tipping point that led to Irving formally requesting a trade a little more than two weeks later.
2 days ago via ESPN
Storyline: Cavaliers Front Office
“Uncle Drew,” which debuts June 29, was shot in Atlanta during the time that Irving made his trade demand to the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was a chaotic time for Irving, but he was able to concentrate on his Uncle Drew role, and during his breaks, he was desperate to find pickup games in Atlanta. “In the summer time, trying to gain as much ground as I can to be ahead of the curve going back into the season,” he said. “It really just turned into an opportunity when my agent presented it. When I had that time, I had to kind of figure out how to be an actor as well as being a professional basketball player and balance the two, which is something I’ve never done before.”
Storyline: Uncle Drew Movie
And in the me-first world of professional sports in which athletes use social media to promote themselves, rap albums, products they endorse, etc., Irving is hoping “Uncle Drew” can allow fans a window into his complicated but brilliant psyche. “I think the accessibility from the outside view will probably seem as though it’s a little more,” he said. “Internally, where I am in my profession and where it’s come with has been a lot, it’s been a true adjustment for me because as a kid you want it but when you get it, this is it. This is what everybody kind of is so crazy about. When I have a great chance to be authentic, being in front of people and showcase some of the talents that I’ve had for a while, and I’m not saying I’m the best actor but I’ve always wanted to act, always wanted to be a creator and influencer. But for me, I always wanted to necessarily not put my name on it. I’ve always had that attitude since I was kid.