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Lance Stephenson
Lance Stephenson
Position: G
Born: 09/05/90
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:210 lbs. / 95.3 kg.
Salary: $1,227,286
”Coming into my rookie year, you think you are the guy because you grew up and you was that guy since you were young,” Stephenson said. ”But coming into the NBA everybody is similar to you. ”So of course, I had a big head when I came in the NBA. But now I’m older and l’ve learned the game a little bit more and I know how to control that. I know how to show that I’m working hard than just coming in and thinking that I’m that guy.”
”Teams that I’ve been on, I really didn’t (talk) to my teammates, I talked to them a little bit but,” Stephenson said. ”But this time, I was really, ‘Hi are you doing to today, what you do yesterday’ and stuff like that. It’s like being a rookie again, everybody got this image of me that’s a straight lie. ”My goal is to prove everybody wrong this year – work hard and show a different side of me. Everybody got this expectation of me, I just want to show them a different side of me.”
The New Orleans Pelicans have until Monday afternoon to get their roster to the NBA-maximum 15 players and it appears Lance Stephenson and Alonzo Gee are in a two-man battle to land the final spot. Stephenson signed a $1.2 million contract with the Pelicans in September but only $100,000 is guaranteed. Gee signed a guaranteed $1.2 million veteran minimum contract to this summer to return to the Pelicans, but averaged only 9.2 minutes in five preseason games and just 1.4 points.
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