Larry Johnson Rumors

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Sager’s job requires remaining cool and composed in pressure or uncomfortable situations. There was no situation more uncomfortable than when he conducted a walkoff interview with mercurial forward Larry Johnson. “I always try to play off what [play-by-play man] Marv [Albert] and the guys are saying,” Sager said. “We had Hubie Brown analyzing the game and Larry Johnson was doing it all. Hubie was going, ‘That’s the way Larry Johnson should play, he should get back to the way he used to play. That’s great to see.’ And halftime we walk off the court and he was with the Knicks and I say, ‘Larry, Hubie Brown was just commenting about how well you were playing.’ [Johnson said], ‘You can tell Hubie to go [expletive] himself. He’s not my coach.’ I go, ‘uh, OK.’ ”
More money problems for Grandmama … this time Larry Johnson’s being sued for close to $500,000 after allegedly blowing off a bank loan from 2007 … TMZ Sports has learned. Bank of America claims the former NBA star — who filed for bankruptcy last year — is in the hole to the tune of $494,446.57 … because he stopped making payments on his $450k loan in 2010. Johnson’s got serious money problems … crazy for a guy who reportedly made more than $80 MILLION during his NBA career. Last year, he was accused of being a deadbeat dad to 4 different women.