Leandro Barbosa Rumors

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That Barbosa was able to recover so much of his quickness after undergoing knee surgery three years ago remains something of a medical mystery — a mystery, that is, to everyone except Barbosa, who cites clean living, hard work and a green liquid extract made from the leaves of a South American shrub called arnica do mato. “It burns going down,” said Barbosa, who scored 7 points in 13 minutes in the Warriors’ win Tuesday night. “You kind of feel dizzy if you’re not used to it. I got used to it.”
So your bold prediction last March in post-game interview, ‘We gonna be Champions.’ It definitely went viral all over the Internet and media circuit. Any predictions for this year and how much longer do you see yourself playing? Leandro Barbosa: We are working to be Champions again. And I believe that it will happen again. Because we´re working hard to achieve our goals. About hang up my sneakers, you know, I don’t have a plan or something like that. I just want to let it go and see what happens. I love to play basketball.
3 months ago via SLAM