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LeBron James
LeBron James
Position: F
Born: 12/30/84
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:244 lbs. / 111.1 kg.
Salary: $33,285,709
LeBron James endorsed the travel adjustment immediately, praising the fact that the team was staying in Houston even though he admitted all he had planned postgame was dinner back in his hotel room and echoing the same thought following the Dallas game, even though it meant delaying the team’s arrival in New York, the city that never sleeps. “We’re old, man,” said James, who turns 33 next month. “Whenever we get a chance to stay over for the night this season, we have to do that.”
24 hours ago via ESPN
Just six weeks earlier, Durant’s team, the Golden State Warriors, won the NBA Finals in five games. Durant was the finals MVP. In Game 3, with his team trailing the Cleveland Cavaliers with under a minute to go, he hit the shot of his life—a three-pointer, tossed up as casually and optimistically as a wave hello, over LeBron James, his role model and rival. “That was the best moment I ever had,” Durant told me. “I made the game-winning shot in the finals against my fucking idol. Somebody that I really, really, really followed since I was a ninth-grade high schooler. I felt like he was passing the torch to me.”
1 day ago via GQ.com
LeBron, he said, was the one who “gave me the courage to do that”—first to change teams, and then to sign the deals that he’s signed since. “Now, I could have did a better job studying how he approached everything after that. But I did it my way. And the next guy is gonna look at me as an example. We’re all working together now.” He said that ever since he came into the league, he’d been mindful of James’s way of doing things. He follows it still, in some respects, he said, though he was pleased to have gained some ground on the court. “He’s four years older than me, so he’s still the big homie. But I’m on the same level as a basketball player. Off the court, I can learn a thing from you. But as a basketball player, I feel like it’s 1A, 1B. And that’s an accomplishment for me.”
1 day ago via GQ.com
“That would be more of my concern if I’m a Cavs fan or somebody with the Cavs or a player, is like ‘Man, he’s been playing a lot of 40 minute (nights) and it’s only Nov. 12,'” Green said, according to the USA Today report. Green and the Warriors take on Kyrie Irving and the Celtics Thursday in Boston. James, meanwhile, has already played six games of 40 or more minutes. “Draymond’s right,” James told cleveland.com, after Green’s comments were relayed to him. “We want to get those minutes down for sure. But as of right now, we’ve had two point guards out and we’ve had some different lineup changes, so, I’ve had to play more minutes than I would like, and more minutes than my teammates would like me to have.”
What’s your two cents on the Cavs? Draymond Green: “Uh, they’re struggling.” Q: Would you be panicking if you were one of their fans? Draymond Green: “To a certain extent yes. And to a certain extent, no. I don’t think anyone should be panicking 12 games in, or 13 games in. However, there are some glaring concerns with them. And at the same time, you’re missing a 30-point (per game) player (in Thomas) on the bench who’s hurt. So my concern would be that LeBron is playing so many minutes right now (James, in his 15th season, is leading the league in minutes at 38.1 per game; it’s his highest mark since the 2010-11 season).