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Lucas Nogueira
Lucas Nogueira
Position: C-F
Born: 07/26/92
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $1,842,000
Just two weeks ago to the day, Lucas Nogueira – also known as “Bebe” – was the starting centre for Raptors 905, Toronto’s D-League affiliate. Noticeably distraught after a Thursday night contest – one in which he recorded a near triple-double of 13 points, nine rebounds and nine assists – the usually spirited seven-footer lamented more than just the defeat. He seemed frustrated, lost, unsure of his place with the organization and, apparently, in life. “It’s so hard, man,” said 23-year-old, now 14 days later, as he looked back on an emotionally trying couple weeks. “I’m very religious and I’m Christian and, sometimes in your life, you have nothing, you just have faith. Nothing, you don’t have nothing, so sometimes, you only have faith in god. And sometimes, for me it’s hard to believe in God. I know [he exists], but sometimes your chance doesn’t come or something happens in your personal life and you say, ‘Where is God?'”
2 months ago via TSN
“[Wednesday] night [God] showed me he’s here with me, supporting me,” he said ahead of Thursday’s game. “So I just keep believing in him and keep doing my work but again, it’s so hard because you never know. I didn’t expect [Valanciunas] to get hurt, nobody expected JV to get hurt and you never know who is going to have foul trouble in the game. So you have to stay ready. Doesn’t matter if you play zero minutes, you’ve got to go in there and do your best.”
2 months ago via TSN
Valanciunas was at practice on Saturday but obviously not participating. The left hand was already in a temporary cast. Casey spoke in terms of options at his disposal to fill the minutes of a guy who is in the midst of a career season. “We could got small also with Luis (Scola),” Casey offered after Bismack Biyombo and Lucas Nogueira were offered up as possible replacements. “That’s something we worked on today just until Lucas gets back.
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