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Luis Scola
Luis Scola
Position: F
Born: 04/30/80
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:229 lbs. / 104.3 kg.
Salary: $5,000,000
“It was an Olympic gold medal. And you’re talking about Argentina. You’re not talking about the U.S. or Serbia or Lithuania or Russia. It’s Argentina. We don’t have any basketball history. We never thought we were going to be able to say that,” Scola said. “Our goal in 1999, we get together in Puerto Rico, our whole goal for our whole career was to get to the Olympics and play there. Not winning. Not making it to the quarterfinals, not make it to the semifinals. Not making the medal. Just be there. That’s all we wanted. And that’s ’99. That was five years before we won the gold medal.”
Storyline: Olympic Games
It will be one of the last for Ginobili, who will go into the Hall of Fame as much for what he did for his nation as he did for the Spurs. The kid from Bahia Blanca is now a father with a bald spot, but whose passion for the game still comes out in every slap at the ball, every stepback three, every ballfake that leads to a driving layup. (This is must reading on Ginobili’s impact and legacy.) “It will continue,” Ginobili said. “How successful, it’s hard to guess what’s going to happen. We did some amazing things in the last 15 years. But, for sure, we have some tough competitors. Nicolas Laprovittola is another tough, hard-nosed player… Patricio Garino is just a great player. So, we just need a little size once Luis Scola retires. But I’m proud of my teammates. I know they’re going to keep playing the right way, and with a lot of heart.”
Storyline: Olympic Games
The fans cheered Huertas but screamed over Scola’s words. His intentions were sincere and heartfelt. “South America is a great place. It’s fun,” said Scola, who has been representing Argentina for 21 years. “The way people cheer sports are fun. We just cross the line sometimes. If we could just stop right before the line, it’s going to be the best show ever. It’s going to be beautiful. People are smart. People are creative. If we can just make people to understand that it’s just a game, it’s not [war] and all that, it’s going to be much better for everybody.”