Luke Walton Rumors

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Warriors assistant coach Luke Walton will be a hot commodity this offseason and is near the top of Knicks president Phil Jackson’s wish list as the team’s next coach. One drawback, however, is needing to wait until June before a club can make its pitch, with the Warriors expected to romp to The Finals again. The other drawback is Jackson will have plenty of company — with the Lakers, Suns, Rockets and Kings also likely to show interest, according to sources.
And thus was born the Luke Walton All-Stars, our annual roster of journeymen and role players thriving in unexpected ways. One or two players have bristled at earning Walton status, but it is meant to be an honor. Not everyone can be a star. A Walton is a shape-shifter who tailors his game to fit the context of a particular team, and revels in the grunt work. He makes everyone’s life easier. “When someone first sent me the column, I assumed it was an insult: Why would there be a Luke Walton All-Stars?” Walton remembered. “But when it was explained to me, I liked it. I took pride in being a glue guy. I love this game. I feel like when it’s played a certain way, it can be fun for everyone, and teams have more success.”