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NBA scouts will be watching Simmons and the Tigers in every game this year. “Simmons is clearly going to be the most talked about freshman coming into this college season,” one veteran NBA scout told “LSU is really building him up. He has great all-around talent. He is the closest thing to demonstrating Magic Johnson-type passing skills along with having the size similar to Magic. He needs to become a more consistent perimeter shooter and learn how to enjoy the game. His approach is almost Kobe Bryant-like which I believe may turn off his teammates at LSU. He goes 1 or 2 in the draft unless he goes back for his sophomore year.”
He was the target of some of Donald Sterling’s most racist and disgusting comments — but Magic Johnson says he’s forgiven the former Clippers owner … telling TMZ Sports, “I don’t keep grudges.” Not only did Sterling single Johnson out in his racist rant to V. Stiviano and order her not to be seen with Magic or any black people at Clipper games … but he went on to say he’s a terrible role model because he has HIV.