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James is averaging 7.0 assists a game in these playoffs, along with 32.5 points and 8.0 rebounds. This season, he set a new career high in assists at 8.7 per game, even while averaging a stout 26.4 points. James has 17 playoff triple-doubles, second only to Magic Johnson’s 30, according to ESPN Stats & Info. “I’ve always felt like I was a triple threat: pass, rebound, score,” James tells B/R Mag. “But scoring has never been my concentration on things.”
Yet James’ longevity, consistency and brilliant efficiency have carried him past his idol. James has played more postseason games than Jordan (212 to 179), but he’s also taken fewer shots (4,379 to 4,497). “That’s what makes this more special,” Magic Johnson tells B/R Mag. “That’s why I love it. Because now I can look at it and say, ‘Yeah, see, pass-first guy can still be the leading scorer all-time in the playoffs.’ And now also it’s gonna help younger players to understand.”
“He’s a mixture of Michael, Shaq and Magic,” O’Neal told “Shaq, because he’s bigger and stronger than everybody. Michael because he can score whenever he feels like it. And Magic because he does a great job getting everybody else involved. He’s been like that his whole career. Even in high school. I knew he was a special guy in high school. “I’ve only met two people like him,” O’Neal continued. “Him and Kobe. Guys that were super determined ever since high school and accomplished all their dreams, and just wanted to be realized and recognized as one of the greatest and both had extraordinary careers.”