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Jeanie Buss took all these things into consideration when she made the decision to bring Magic Johnson back into the fold, and Magic has put some thought into the process he would take to make the Lakers great again. Here’s what he had to say to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Wednesday morning. First of all, we have to develop our own players. That’s number one. Number two: We’re going to have to draft well. And number three: You just made the point, you know, we’re all — not just the Lakers — but every team is looking for that franchise-changing player.
Storyline: Lakers Front Office
While the Lakers have been exploring trade options, according to sources close to the situation, the belief is the Lakers may not be very big traders at the deadline mainly because of Johnson’s influence on the process. Johnson has said he’s not interfering with the basketball operation side of the Lakers, but he keeps no secret of his desire to take over leadership of the team as soon as this summer.