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Malcolm Brogdon
Malcolm Brogdon
Position: G
Born: 12/11/92
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:225 lbs. / 102.1 kg.
Salary: $1,312,611
“I think continuing to get in better shape, continuing to mentally lock in,” second-year guard Malcolm Brogdon said about improving as a defense. “We always start off the game well then it starts to slip. We’ve matured a little bit from last year and we’ve got to show that. We’ve got to show that playoff experience and be able to come out, set the tone and be able to hold it going through the game.”
It’s worth noting that, for all the concern over Thomas’s hip, Brogdon, Middleton, and Bledsoe would come with their own risks. In college, Brogdon had surgery to fuse a bone in his left foot, which multiple front-office league sources have indicated drew medical red flags prior to the 2016 draft and could cause issues in the future. Middleton played only 29 regular-season games last season after preseason hamstring surgery. Bledsoe has played more than 70 games just three times in his seven-year career. And while we’re talking about health, Irving has had two injury-shortened seasons. Thomas might be hurt, but the medical histories of the reported trade alternatives aren’t exactly encouraging, either.
The Milwaukee Bucks have repeatedly been included in trade rumors surrounding Irving, with rookie of the year Malcolm Brogdon and guard Khris Middleton often mentioned in the potential offers. However, according to a league source who spoke with the Journal Sentinel on Wednesday, there is “nothing” to these reports. In fact, the source says there have not even been conversations between the Bucks and Cavaliers.
Storyline: Khris Middleton Trade?
LeBron needs a second star to soak up some of the creative burden. Any superstar who wants to play in June needs that. Derrick Rose is not the answer. The Milwaukee Bucks lurk on the fringes of the Irving bidding with an offer centered around Malcolm Brogdon, the reigning NBA Rookie of the Year, and Khris Middleton, sources say. The Bucks have not yet put a first-round pick on the table, sources say, but the bet here is that they would to get the deal done — or if Irving showed any interest in staying in Milwaukee long-term.
2 months ago via ESPN