Malcolm Delaney Rumors

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Q: Are you going to watch the NBA playoffs? Malcolm Delaney: Of course. NBA playoffs is the only thing I watch (during the season). I haven’t watched much (regular season) NBA basketball in the past three years. I have some friends from my city, Baltimore, like Carmelo Anthony, Rudy Gay… I like to follow them. However beause of the time-difference I don’t stay up to watch a lot of games. Now I’m a little bit more aware of what it’s going on. I try to watch more games see some of the teams where I think I could fit in.
Q: Would you take less money to play in the NBA? Malcolm Delaney: Yeah, I’m willing to do that kind of sacrifice. I mean, it would be a hard decision if I’m deciding between a big European offer and a league-minimum deal in the NBA where I probably won’t have the chance to show my game, ending up on the bench. But I can’t say that I wouldn’t take it. Until I have those two options and I get the feedback from the NBA on what they’d expect from me, I can’t say what I’d do. But I’m really thinking about the NBA a lot right now.
Q: Are you optimistic that you’re going to get it during the summer when free agency comes? Malcolm Delaney: Right now I’m praying that I do. I could play in Europe for 10 years and I won’t care if I’m playing in a good situation. But getting the opportunity to play in the NBA would be a big thing for my family and everybody around me. It’s still a dream for me. Right now, seeing how close I am, I’m thinking about it a little bit more.
Q: NBA teams have interest now. The Houston Rockets were mentioned as a team that was interested in your services. Was there ever any chance of signing with Houston? Malcolm Delaney: The Rockets thing was a great opportunity for me, that was official. But with how important I am to the club, how important this season is to the club, it wouldn’t had been a smart business decision for the club to let me go. I didn’t have an NBA out in the contract. The Houston Rockets thing is something nobody would have ever turned down because, you know, I’m still with a dream to play in the NBA. But FC Bayern, they couldn’t let me leave, we’re about to play the playoffs, trying to win a title. Any kid or any American basketball player wishes to play in the NBA. This time I couldn’t do it.
Tracking the whereabouts of former Virginia Tech guard Malcolm Delaney has been a chore in recent weeks, as he’s traveled around the country for pre-draft workouts with nine NBA teams — including the Washington Wizards. His journey came to an end Tuesday, when the Memphis Grizzlies welcomed the Baltimore native for a private evaluation. Yet there are no assurances the two-time all-ACC first-team selection will hear his name called during Thursday’s NBA draft.