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Ex-Warriors coach Mark Jackson picked James Harden for Most Valuable Player, and hours before his old team potentially wins the NBA title in Game 6, he supported LeBron James for Finals MVP. An ESPN broadcaster calling the game for ABC, Jackson indicated on Mike & Mike on Tuesday that the Cleveland Cavaliers star would be his MVP pick even if Warriors won the championship. “He is the MVP of this series thus far,” Jackson said. “There’s no question about it. When you take a look at what he’s doing, this Warrior team is a superior team. They have great depth, 67 wins, talent and versatility to throw at you. To have a chance to win, LeBron James has got to be spectacular, and he’s been that. Up until last game, Andre Iguodala would have been the MVP for the Golden State Warriors. Steph Curry exploded, and he’s in the discussion right now for Warriors MVP. But there’s no question in my mind, the MVP of these Finals has been LeBron James, and he would get my vote.”
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Mark, you seemed to get a little emotional the other night during the trophy ceremony when the Warriors clinched. What has it been like doing their games this year? Have you ever thought, ‘What if I had stayed?’ Mark Jackson: No. To me, people blew out the emotional — a guy came over and said thank you. If you came to my church, you would say, ‘Well, he cries every week.’ People say thank you. People show appreciation. I’m an emotional guy. That was all it was. One guy saying thank you and me appreciating his thoughts and his feelings. Other than that, there’s no emotion. To me, I’m calling games between two teams, just like The Finals. I read articles that I shouldn’t be doing it. To me, it was laughable. I’m absolutely winning and having the time of my life calling games with incredible friends and incredible people and working for an incredible organisation. So it’s been a blast for me. I’m excited about having the opportunity to be part of an incredible group to call a spectacular Finals.
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Mark, what do you think about having Gentry’s impact with Golden State? Did you feel that pace was a problem and do you think that that’s the trend going on in the NBA, particularly in the Western Conference, that you have to play fast? And do you think that’s what’s going on, obviously, with Golden State? But how much do you think he’s made an impact being the lead assistant there at Golden State? Mark Jackson: Well, let me just try to answer it different ways, and then you page through it whatever way you want. Jeff has talked about it already. Monty Williams doesn’t get enough credit for the job he did in New Orleans. When you think about making the playoffs, there are so many key players, valuable players missing a huge amount of the season, keeping that team tied together and competing on a nightly basis and then making it to the playoffs, valuable experience. As far as Alvin Gentry, proven coach, knows the game, has been successful. And this is a Warriors team that they played with pace before. They’ve had a great season. And that staff has done an outstanding job and is being rewarded. I wish them nothing but the very best. But what I will say is you can’t take away what Monty Williams has been able to do to that New Orleans team. Sometimes you try to make changes too fast, and it can hurt you in the long run. You don’t appreciate what a masterful job he did during the course of the year. But I’m sure Alvin Gentry is an outstanding coach, outstanding offensive mind, and he’s going to do a very good job in New Orleans.
via MVP 24/7