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Rivers is one of several coaches with Knicks ties who could re-surface this summer. Mark Jackson would be in play for the Knicks job and is said to be interested in coaching again in the right situation. The same is true of Jeff Van Gundy, who is satisfying his coaching Jones by being in charge of the U.S. national team in qualification rounds.
Bob Myers: One time, when we had Mark Jackson as a coach, after a game we lost, I went to him and ask him why did he run a play… I think Curry was having a great game, and he run a play for Carl Landry to take the shot to win the game. It was a good play, it was a good shot. Carl could have made that shot. And I went to Mark and said ‘Did you think about Curry?’ and he looked at me and he said, you can tell he was containing himself, ‘It was a good play, it was a good play’. And I looked at him and I thought ‘I will never do that again’.
Here’s ESPN analyst Mark Jackson speaking on a conference call, offering his take on the Knicks and Carmelo Anthony: “Well, they’re going to miss Carmelo Anthony. It reminds me to a lesser degree obviously, in my opinion the greatest Knick of all time was Patrick Ewing. You appreciated him more as a fan and a New Yorker after he left. Certainly they understood his greatness and they appreciated him, but not the same way until he was no longer in a Knick uniform, and I think the way that Carmelo Anthony has handled himself last year and during his stint with the New York Knicks, he’s been the ultimate pro through adversity, he continued to show up and do what he does best, which is score the basketball and try to put that team in position to win. So they’re going to miss him. That being said, like (fellow ESPN analyst) Jeff (Van Gundy) said, they’ve declared their stance. They are in a rebuilding mode. I think what you look at as a fan or somebody within the organization or around the league is to what level do they compete. We understand that they’re going to be outmatched at times, but you can win games in this league by playing hard, by defending and competing, and that will be the thing that I’ll be looking at to see just how good they can potentially be.”
4 months ago via ESPN
Mark Jackson — who played in the NBA from 1987-2004 and coached the Golden State Warriors for three seasons — is about to become a single man … his wife has filed for divorce. Jackson’s wife, Desiree Coleman Jackson, filed the papers on Wednesday. The couple has been married for 27 years and they have four children together. Desiree tells The Blast the couple has been separated for some time. “Unfortunately, the relationship just ran its course,” she told us. “We are both God-loving people and will co-parent our children.”