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Jackson said he is comfortable broadcasting but is interested in returning to the sideline. “I’m having a blast from my end calling NBA games and working for ESPN/ABC and being surrounded by a legendary group of people who are not only coworkers but more importantly great friends of mine,” Jackson said. “As far as Jeff, again, I’m shocked, I’m stunned, and that’s with respect to the 30 head coaches in the NBA. I know his body of work, not only by sitting next to him but by being in uniform and playing for him. It was an absolute thrill for me to play for him.
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“I have utmost respect for his knowledge of the game and his preparation. He’s an incredible motivator. So that’s shocking to me and it will remain shocking to me, as long as he’s sitting next to me. I think if I was owner or general manager or running a team, it would be his call, meaning Jeff’s call, to say no to me, because he’s absolutely that great of a coach in my opinion. “I’m surprised that watching his body of work, playing for him twice, and witnessing him as a coach, in my opinion, a genius, still around and nobody has made a move to hire him, whether he wants it or not. I’ve been around coaching and I’ve witnessed coaching and this guy is an absolute gem.”
The ESPN analyst and former Golden State Warriors head coach was calling Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers when fellow analyst Jeff Van Gundy started to talk about the surprisingly strong play of Cavs forward Richard Jefferson. After finishing his analysis, Jackson jumped in and threw his former Warriors player under the bus. Jeff Van Gundy: “Don’t talk about what you need to do to win. Do what you need to do to win. Richard Jefferson, great loose ball play and has always been a terrific finisher on the break.” Jackson “Guy’s a pro. Stays ready. Played for me in Golden State. Cost us a series in San Antonio, missing two free throws, but I’m not holding onto that. Still has plenty in the tank and playing at a high level for this Cavaliers team.”
King also suggested that there may be a conspiracy between media and agents to label candidates, citing how Mark Jackson has been treated after being fired in Golden State. “I think what’s hard is when you have agendas, you have agendas in certain media types, or agents that represent coaches and GMs and they have agendas. they may plant stories, they put things out there and they keep perpetuating it,” King said.
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