Marquez Haynes Rumors

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Free agent Marquez Haynes has been drawing interest from teams because of his play. He led the Wizards with 13 points in their previous game when he started over Sundiata Gaines who has a calf injury. Haynes opened the Wizards’ scoring with a three-pointer. He also harassed the Nuggets by disrupting the ball. Haynes had nine points even though he shot just 2-for-7, six assists and two steals.
Bill Oram: 24 guys attending Jazz mini-camp. Brace yourselves: Dee Bost, Will Buford, Xavier Gibson, Drew Gordon, JaMychal Green, Rodney Green, Jorge Gutierrez, Marquez Haynes, Lazar Hayward, Cedric Jackson, Edwin Jackson, Rick Jackson, D.J. Kennedy, Travis Leslie, Rasid Mahalbasic, Toure Murry, Harouna Mutombo, Arinze Onuaku, Josh Owens, Chris Roberts, Henry Sims, Jermaine Taylor, Chris Wright and Luke Zeller.