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Mason Plumlee
Mason Plumlee
Position: C-F
Born: 03/05/90
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:245 lbs. / 111.1 kg.
Salary: $14,041,096
Nurkić also denied that he ever left the arena during a game. “I don’t know where that came from,” he said. “I can’t change the whole world’s opinion. Ask anyone who has played with me and they will say the same thing: I’m a funny dude, I work and I have never had a problem with one of my teammates in my life.” Denver mercifully pulled the trigger on a Nurkić deal last February, sending the center and a first-round pick to Portland in exchange for Mason Plumlee, a second-round pick and cash. Plumlee’s inclusion in the deal ensured that Nurkić would step in as the Blazers’ starting center, fulfilling Nurkić’s top request. “I needed a change of scenery. Both sides needed it,” he said. “I’m thankful Denver let me go where I wanted to go. If I was doing all the bad things that people said, the Nuggets wouldn’t have traded me where I wanted to go, and they probably would have gotten a way better deal than they got.”
The Sixers were close to a deal last February that would have sent Okafor to Portland. But sources indicated, then and now, that the Blazers changed their plans and went in instead on a deal with Denver that brought them Jusuf Nurkic in exchange for Mason Plumlee. Deals fall through all the time, but this looked especially bad because the 76ers told Okafor to stay home and not go on a road trip with them since they believed a deal was imminent.
Me: There was some talk this summer that some NBA teams asked about you coming over. What didn’t feel right? Was this just not the right time to do it? JV: The thing is, it wasn’t too serious a conversation about it…a lot of bigs was not signed yet (in the NBA). It was too long to wait. First of all, I had the option in my contract, until July 15; I can leave any time up to that, but not past that. For example, Mason Plumlee signed (in Denver) a couple of days ago. That was one of the bigs that wasn’t signed. I wasn’t in a situation where I can talk to the teams and stuff. There was free agency and a lot of bigs at my position. I didn’t pay too much attention; my manager was talking to the teams. I was waiting for the situation but it didn’t get too serious..