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Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes
Position: F-G
Born: 03/09/80
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:226 lbs. / 102.5 kg.
Salary: $6,125,000
That makes it more difficult for the NBA and union to compromise on national-anthem protests – especially because precedent has set a strict tone on the rule. Kings forward Matt Barnes on The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick: They don’t want you chewing gum. They told me, take the gum out of your mouth. I was using the bathroom. They said you can’t miss the anthem. I’m like, “Man, I had to pee.” “Next time you’ll be fined.” I said, “Ohh, OK.”
Matt Barnes talked about his discussions with the Clippers during free agency in a podcast interview with JJ Redick. JJ Redick: Earlier in the summer before free agency, I spoke with Doc [Rivers] about you in hopes that we would bring you back. And I know that you guys had communicated a little bit during free agency. Was there any sort of avenue that we could have got you back? Matt Barnes: Yeah. It was an interesting situation. You know me well enough on and off the court to know that my last season with you guys when we beat the Spurs in the playoffs and lost to Houston, it was a bad year for me off the court from the standpoint that I was going through a divorce. Off the court, I was a little on edge, as far as my moods being up and down, and Doc and I just happened to clash. (…) Even though we got mad at each other, it was really still an open line of communication. Being traded to Memphis, I called him during the season just because I felt bad about how things went down. We had a good conversation, I apologized, he apologized and we pretty much buried the hatchet.
JJ Redick: But you weren’t willing necessarily to take the minimum… Matt Barnes: I definitely wasn’t going to take it. Especially with the way the money was going out. And this is not a knock to anyone out here listening because I realize that I’m blessed but I still feel I’m underpaid at $6 million, especially with the contracts guys are getting today. So I ended up taking $6.5 million from Sacramento and Wesley basically got $6.5 million from the Clippers.