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Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes
Position: F-G
Born: 03/09/80
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:226 lbs. / 102.5 kg.
Salary: $6,508,351
But in a podcast released Tuesday with The Vertical, Fisher – who is looking for another job on an NBA bench or front office – was no longer pushing back at the idea that the Knicks changed their perception following the incident. “It’s possible and I can understand why just on appearance you would be viewed differently,” Fisher told The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski. “Hindsight is always 20/20.”
Storyline: Barnes-Fisher Incident
Fisher said he flew from New York to L.A. on a Saturday to spend Sunday with his children during training camp of last season. On Saturday evening, however, he went to the home of his girlfriend – Gloria Govan, the ex-wife of Barnes – and was attacked by his former Lakers teammate. He then tried to catch a red-eye home on Sunday, but an issue with the private plane caused him to miss the preseason practice.
“Looking back, I don’t regret going to see my kids on Sunday. But I shouldn’t have put myself in a position where what happened that Saturday night happened,” Fisher said. “As a coach, if a player had come to me and said, ‘I want to spend the day with my kids’ − as long as he was back to practice on Monday, I would’ve supported that. Then if I had read about something happening to him Saturday night, I would’ve been disappointed as well. Looking back at it from that perspective, I hate that I put myself in a position where I became the focal point.”
Much like the Warriors who wound up winning the title in 2015, the ’07 squad found solidarity in that they were all rejects of sorts. “I liked to call us all delinquents,” Richardson says. “Jack had his situation in Indiana. Everybody thought Al was done. Everybody thought I got numbers on a bad team. Everybody thought Baron was done. Matt Barnes was a journeyman. Our personalities meshed together. We all respected each other. We all had each other’s backs.”
Barnes has never forgotten what it felt like, 10 years ago, to be part of the 2006-07 squad, dubbed the “We Believe” team in homage to their fans’ relentless faith. “It was a magical season,” he says. “We only went to the second round, but we captured everyone’s imagination and brought the spirit back to this city.” Barnes speaks with equal parts affection and wistfulness about the “We Believe” team. Affection for the bond created by that group within weeks. Wistfulness that they weren’t able to be the first team to bring a title to the Warriors’ long-suffering fans.