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Matthew Dellavedova
Matthew Dellavedova
Position: G
Born: 09/08/90
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.2 kg.
Salary: $0
Cleveland still has plenty of work to do in free agency — with Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith and Matthew Dellavedova all in line for new contracts, as well — but the commitments Cavs owner Dan Gilbert already has made in the first few hours of free agency to Love and Thompson send a strong message to James about the franchise’s commitment to winning, since it ensures that the Cavaliers are headed for a massive luxury-tax bill after the upcoming season.
The life of Australian basketballer Matthew Dellavedova, who rose from rural Victoria to play in Wednesday’s NBA finals, is being turned into a Hollywood production. The 24-year-old signed with NBA team the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2013 after moving to the US to play college basketball in 2009. The fictional story, based on Dellavedova’s rise, will follow the tale of three young Australian basketballers who are drafted to play basketball for a US college.
“Signature moments only come for players who are holding the trophy at the end of the day,” Curry told reporters after being asked about the play. “So I can sit here and talk about what a great play it was and what a turning moment it might have been, but we have to be able to back it up and finish the job. It helped us win this game, and hopefully after our next win we can talk about all the great moments in the series.”
“I think he just loves those big-time moments,” said Seth, who played at Duke and even briefly was Dellavedova’s teammate last season with the Cavaliers. “He wants to be the one to take the shot; he’s not afraid of a miss. Being at home or on the road, when the other team is on a run or made a big shot, you can tell he gets a different energy to make the shots he does.”
So you think Seth, who has played in the NBA and NBA Development League, feels for Dellavedova? Nope. No way. “I don’t feel bad for those teams because I’ve seen it up close and personal,” he told Sporting News. “I had that feeling a lot. You play good defense, and he’s still making shots like he did tonight. I can remember times touching the ball, playing great defense, blocking it or whatever, and he still finds a way to put it in the hole. “I mean, it’s frustrating. So I don’t feel bad for other teams.”
Lee, when asked about it Saturday for the first time, declined to go into specifics about what was said but indicated Dellavedova took issue with a screen he set on the Warriors’ final possession of the first quarter. “He initiated a conversation,” Lee said of Dellavedova. “While I’m not a guy that gets into a lot of that stuff, I’m obviously going to stick up for myself. I’ve got no problem with his approach to the game. I love his toughness out there and how hard he plays. No hard feelings, just something that happened throughout the course of the game.
As for Curry, he was annoyed too, I’m told. “People have lit a fire under Steph, which is good thing,” Andrew Bogut told NEOMG. “It’s something that you don’t want to do. It worked out well. We know Delly is a great defender, but we know he’s not a Curry stopper.” Dellavedova’s gritty, hard-nosed defense and timely shot-making has transformed him into a media darling. It started with an offensive rebound amongst the trees followed by two clutch free throws that gave the Cavaliers a Game 2 road victory.
In early March, I wrote about how head coach David Blatt was overusing Dellavedova and how he likely sees himself in the Australian. Blatt remembered that story and graciously invited me into his office for an exclusive interview after the Game 3 victory. We sat on his sofa and that’s when, as the young folks would say, he went in. “And you were full of s—,” Blatt said in hilarious fashion, referring to that article. “I’ve been waiting to tell you that for a long time.”
“Every time he touches the ball, every time he gets a stop or whatever the case is, 20,000 people go berserk. For him in that situation, there are not too many people that get that chance, that opportunity. [If somebody said] ‘Yo, would you ever think this would happen to a guy like that?’ And I would say the only time it would happen to him is if it’s in his dreams. Like seriously, that’s a real-life storybook for him. It’s a storybook setting.”