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Maurice Evans
Maurice Evans
Position: None
Born: 11/08/78
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
In November of 2011, Fisher threatened to sue me for writing that members of the union confronted him concerning his relationship with Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver. “Of course (the players) have questions about Derek,” Evans said. “But Derek has done a great job of being on the offensive and only pointing the finger at Mr. Hunter. (Derek) has been busy throwing darts and throwing dirt at (Hunter) that nobody has ever taken the time to stop and ask what is Derek’s motive. What really went on in Dallas that he left to go and say now all of sudden he has family issues, he misses his family? “Now all of sudden what really happened? We voted him out 8-0 as president and yet he still stayed on, didn’t blink twice and came back with Paul-Weiss, and now they’re running the union.”
Evans, 34, was an executive vice president at the NBPA. He was perhaps the player and union rep closest to Hunter during the 2011 lockout and its aftermath. Evans is Hunter’s staunchest defender. After nine NBA seasons — he played last year with the Wizards — the career-long role player couldn’t find a job this season, which meant his role in the union ended. “Without a doubt, I know me not being in the league has something to do with my support of Billy Hunter,” Evans said. “I’m fully comfortable not playing in the NBA ever again.”
Saturday afternoon, at the annual NBPA All-Star Weekend meeting, the Paul-Weiss law firm would be available to answer the players’ questions about Hunter, Fisher wrote in an email obtained by Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Daily. The prosecutor will answer questions in defense of the defendant. “I give (Derek) a round of applause for being able to pull off this stunt and pull the wool over everyone’s eyes,” former NBA veteran Maurice Evans told me late Thursday night. “If he wants the union that bad — let him and Ron Klempner and Jamie Wior — they can have it.”
He remains optimistic and views Leandro Barbosa‘s late signing with the Boston Celtics and Eddy Curry signing with Dallas just days before the start of the season as hope that he’ll, too, soon find a new home. “Ultimately, I have to stay ready, which I am, as far as in the gym, and stay positive,” Howard said. “I don’t think my career’s over.” Other notable players still looking for a team: Guards: Derek Fisher, Gilbert Arenas (in talks with Chinese team), Baron Davis, Earl Boykins, Mickael Pietrus, Michael Redd, Maurice Evans, Jason Kapono. Forwards/Centers: Kenyon Martin, Shawne Williams, Quentin Richardson, Bobby Simmons, Bill Walker, Jamario Moon, Renaldo Balkman, Ryan Gomes, Troy Murphy, Josh Powell, Derrick Caracter, Ben Wallace, Greg Oden, Sean Williams, Tony Battie, Mehmet Okur.
Mo Evans made sure all NBA players had a job last season, helping end the lockout through his role as executive vice president of the National Basketball Players Association. Right now, the nine-year veteran is without a job for the 2012-13 season, and training camps open in less than three weeks. “Given that I’m a veteran, I know where my value lies,” Evans, 33, told USA TODAY Sports. “At this stage of the game and at this stage in my life, I’m waiting for the place I feel God has already marked for me. The impact I can make is not only on the floor, it’s even more so in the locker room and the community. That’s the marquee value I bring to the table.”
A person familiar with the Wizards who requested anonymity because Evans is unsigned, said the team wanted to bring Evans back — as a front-office executive, a role Evans wants to embrace in the future. Just not now. “I see myself in that kind of role,” he said. “I just don’t see it quite yet. I still have value as a player and look forward to playing this season. “I expect myself to be with a team soon, and I’m preparing that way. Teams are doing what they should do. Having the mind of a GM, you have to turn over every stone and see how your team comes to fruition. Teams are doing their due diligence right now, just making sure before they fill their last one or two roster spots.”
Bringing back Roger Mason Jr., Maurice Evans or James Singleton also remains high on the Wizards’ priority list, but the team already has depth at nearly every position. Mason is also not interested in signing another one-year deal at the league minimum, as he has the past two seasons, according to a source close to Mason. Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Chicago and the Los Angeles Lakers have also expressed interest in Mason.
With Fisher showing resistance to stepping down, Evans wasn’t sure how the situation was going to be resolved. “I hope that we can finish out the season, this can play out in a vote [this summer], and we can take care of this as quickly as possible. There is no place for this, no reason for this to be taking place,” Evans said. “This is not what we signed on for. Right now, we’re not acting in a way that’s in the best interest of all of the players. We’re causing a huge distraction. Teams are getting ready to compete for a championship and we’re right now, we’re taking the focus off what it is extremely important.”
He also convinced the committee that Fisher’s push had no merit. “That gave the board extreme confidence, which we already had in Billy, and fully the confidence of the board was lost in Derek’s ability to continue as president,” Evans said. “It’s nothing personal with Derek. Again, it has nothing to do with Derek’s ability as a basketball player or Derek’s character as a man. It’s relative to Derek’s ability at this time as president of the union.” “I don’t think that anyone is defaming his character. Again, even in the statement issued by the PA, we applauded his leadership throughout and I think it’s just pretty much, it’s time to go our separate ways,” Evans said. “We tried to handle this internally and for whatever reason, things have gone public that he’s trying to conduct business of the union without our authority. I’m not sure why this is turning into Derek versus the PA or Derek versus Billy or Derek versus Mo. This isn’t a game. No one is trying to assassinate his character in any way.”
Fisher and Hunter had a falling out near the end of the settlement and the tension bubbled over into a nasty public spectacle on Friday, when the players’ union released a statement asking Fisher to step down as president. Fisher responded by stating that he won’t resign and claimed that the executive committee has “waged a personal character attack on” him. “This is petty in my opinion and we’re losing focus on the big picture,” Evans said in a telephone interview. “It’s extremely disappointing to me personally because we, Billy, Derek and myself became extremely close throughout this process and we accomplished so many great things, along with the other executive committee members, on behalf of all of the players. Coming off the heels of the lockout, in the midst of…a great season, with great parity, the CBA is functioning very well. And now it seems that we’re losing credibility behind something that could be avoided.”
“We believe that Chris Paul will be the next president,” Evans said. “He played an intricate role during the lockout and throughout the negotiations. He has the confidence of a lot of guys on the board and around the NBA. Going forward, we believe that he would do a great job. That has yet to be determined or voted on and we’ll address those matters down the road. For now, we’ll continue to support every member of the executive committee and value every member’s opinions.”