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“Let me just single out one owner in particular, Michael Jordan,” Silver said during his upbeat update on CBA negotiations this week following the Board of Governors meetings in Manhattan. “I think having Michael Jordan as part of our negotiating committee, the unique perspective he brings to the bargaining table because of his playing career, having been, of course, a superstar player. Now for players to see him in that position, it doesn’t mean that if Michael says it, it necessarily means that they accept that as the position they should take. But I think that’s really added a special element unique to this league.”
7 hours ago via ESPN
While the NBA was famously against Michael Jordan’s black and red sneakers in the 1980s, its policies birthing the myth of the “Banned” Air Jordan 1, that didn’t stop its execs from trying to grab pairs of the shoes. In an interview with The Score 1260 on Wednesday, sportswriter Roland Lazenby told a story about then-commissioner David Stern asking a Nike employee for a hookup on the shoes. According to Lazenby, the Nike employee in question was in New York to meet with Stern about the banning of the shoes when the commissioner put in the request. “As the Nike official was leaving Stern said, ‘Look, I’m sorry I had to ban the shoe but could you get Michael to sign a pair for my son?'” Lazenby recounted.
Charles Barkley: “I have told you guys the five greatest players in my opinion: Michael [Jordan], Oscar Robertson, Wilt [Chamberlain], Bill Russell and Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar]. Then it’s Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan. Then LeBron is right there. I don’t understand why ya’ll are in such a hurry to move him past Tim Duncan and Kobe. Now if he wins a couple of more championships, I might move him past Kobe and Tim Duncan. You guys always talk about championships. Kobe and Tim have five. LeBron has three…LeBron is amazing. But only in the bulls— of today’s society could I say a guy is one of the eight greatest players ever and it’s an insult to him. That’s crazy. If LeBron wins a couple of more championships I will move him past Tim Duncan and Kobe.