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And the struggles became more acute as Irving and the Celtics excelled. The grumbling got louder as the Cavs’ losses piled up. James privately began to complain about how other all-time greats in the tail end of their primes played for franchises that added Hall of Fame-level talent to support their championship aspirations. The Chicago Bulls got Dennis Rodman for Michael Jordan. The Los Angeles Lakers got Pau Gasol for Kobe Bryant. The San Antonio Spurs got Kawhi Leonard for Tim Duncan. The All-Star whom the Cavs got for James wasn’t impressing him. Or other players on the team. As one team source put it, when asked about Thomas in the week leading up to the trade deadline: “I’m all for an underdog story, but you usually expect some humility to be a part of that story.”
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The Warriors are on pace to win 64 games this season — which would extend an unprecedented run of regular-season dominance — but would gain next to nothing other than a cute historical footnote if they charge toward a fourth consecutive season of at least 67 wins. They’re already the only team to reach that win total three seasons in a row. Even Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls followed up a 141-win stretch from 1995-97 — the best back-to-back win total in NBA history — with just 62 wins in 1997-98. “Every year is a different journey and a different struggle that you’ve got to get through. Last year, it was a new transition and KD’s injury that kind of sparked us,” Stephen Curry told Yahoo Sports. “This year, our record’s been great and we’re battling the human nature of being in the fight but looking ahead to June. We can’t do that. But that’s what’s keeping us on edge this season. We appreciate every situation that you go through as you chase championships, because it’s a lot.”
After seeing the turnaround in Philadelphia, why wouldn’t a team like Charlotte look at Sam Hinkie this offseason when searching for a new GM? — Nolan Ragogna STEIN: You get zero argument from me. Hinkie would be the first to admit that there were misses with the Sixers as well as hits during his tenure, but the Michael Jordan-owned Hornets are exactly the sort of trapped-in-mediocrity franchise that could badly use some of Hinkie’s out-of-the-box thinking as well as his conviction when it comes to plotting a path for the franchise and sticking to it. The sense I get is that Hinkie is going to be very selective before taking another job in this league, but he made it clear in this excellent piece by The Ringer’s John Gonzalez that he certainly wants to return in the right circumstances. I really hope he gets the chance because the N.B.A. is a lot more interesting when Sam Hinkie is in it.