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Michael Jordan has seen the Crying MJ meme — and he’s OK with it. Estee Portnoy, Jordan’s spokesperson and senior vice president of JumpDC, confirmed that the former Bulls great has taken notice of the viral trend in an email late Tuesday. “I don’t recall when we first started noticing it — everything explodes so quickly on the Internet, and suddenly it was everywhere,” Portnoy told the Tribune via email. “Everyone seems to be having fun with the meme, and it just keeps going. We haven’t seen anyone using it to promote their commercial interests, which is something that we’re monitoring.”
What memories jump out to you in defending Kobe Bryant? Bowen: “I think obviously he’s one of the best players at that position besides MJ [Michael Jordan]. The biggest thing for me, I knew Kobe was a due diligent person. His basketball IQ surpassed some of the others I competed against. The most critical aspect of Kobe’s game for me was his mental focus. It was comparable to mine about not allowing things to get to the point where you lose focus off of what’s at hand. I can tell you different guys at different moments where they lost focus. For the most part, he understood how important that focus was. Because of that, it wasn’t about the physical aspect. It was about the mental aspect as well. It was a chess game.
The latest Internet meme involves an image of Mr. Jordan’s tear-streaked face superimposed on pictures of athletes or coaches who lost an important game. Known as the “crying Jordan,” it has ricocheted around social media, popularized by fans poking fun at sports losers and eliciting laughs (and retweets)​within moments of the final buzzer. In recent weeks, the trend has sparked rebuttals from teams and athletes.
The tearful image of Mr. Jordan was taken during his 2009 Basketball Hall of Fame induction speech, when he was moved to weep with gratitude. Stephan Savoia, a photographer for the Associated Press credited with the photo, said he was unaware that his work was trending until being contacted by a reporter this week. Mr. Jordan and his representatives have been protective of his brand during his years on court and ever since.