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What you can do, though, is bid on the uniform Jordan wore during the filming of Space Jam way back in the ‘90s, when times were simpler and athletes had senses of humor about themselves. Variety reports that LA-based Profiles In History, which has previously headed the auctions of items from other interspecies sports cartoons like Glee and Mad Men, is handling the auction for Jordan’s jersey. The estimated listing price ranges from $10,000 to $15,000, which is a small price to pay to sport a jersey with “signs of wear” and “minor staining” from the athletic machinations of MJ himself. Not convinced yet? The jersey comes complete with a Tune Squad logo—the team of cartoon animals that helped Jordan demolish the nefarious Monstars—and the number 23 across its back, which is both Jordan’s number and the number of times we had to rewrite the plot of Space Jam in that first paragraph so it made at least a modicum of sense.
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The site lay more-or-less dormant for the next 14 years. But that changed for good in late 2010, when the Internet, exponentially bigger than it was in 1996, rediscovered the site – almost entirely unchanged from its initial launch. It was reborn as a viral sensation, the web’s equivalent of a recently discovered cave painting. We laughed at the site because we couldn’t believe anything was ever designed this way, but also because it still existed. It remains one of the most faithful living documents of early web design that anyone can access online. Today, the Space Jam site’s popularity has outlived almost everything to which it has been connected. The Fifth Avenue store shuttered in 2001. Both stars of the movie’s stars made forgettable exits in 2003 – Jordan with the Washington Wizards, Bugs with Looney Tunes: Back in Action. And every person directly associated with the site’s creation has now left the studio.
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