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Monta Ellis
Monta Ellis
Position: G
Born: 10/26/85
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:175 lbs. / 79.4 kg.
Salary: $10,300,000
To play smaller, the Pacers added Monta Ellis, C.J. Miles and Chase Budinger, who was a player Bird had long coveted, per several league sources. Turns out Budinger can’t really play anymore after a bunch of knee surgeries everyone knew about. Ellis was coming off knee surgery and never found his comfort zone on offense in his first year as a Pacer. He remains laughably bad on defense; Burke and Vogel deserve a ton of credit for the Pacers finishing third in points allowed per possession while giving heavy minutes to Ellis, Miles and a rookie big man, Myles Turner, learning NBA defense as a teenager.
When the Warriors and Bucks were discussing and then finalized the milestone March 2012 trade, featuring Monta Ellis for Andrew Bogut, that was always the main focus of it. Shorter-summary: No, despite persistent suggestions (and even a blurry Joe Lacob quote from 2012), the Warriors never considered putting Stephen Curry into this deal and in fact Milwaukee never asked, anyway. New information: In fact, there was a young Warriors guard the Bucks asked about–and the Warriors declined to put into the trade–but it was then-rookie Klay Thompson, not Curry, according to multiple league sources.
Milwaukee wanted Ellis, who was still only 26 at the time. Curry was hurt, Bogut was hurt (fractured ankle in January and would miss the rest of the regular season and played only 32 games in 2012-2013), and the Bucks wanted a dynamic player to help them make the playoffs. Ellis was healthy and ready to plug into the Bucks’ stretch run. They ended up finishing ninth in the East, at 31-35. As I mentioned earlier, actually, multiple sources indicate, the young player the Bucks asked for was… Klay Thompson.
Larry Riley was still the GM, he was the initiator of these talks (remember, he used to work in Milwaukee and had strong ties with the front office) and was justly proud of the decision to draft Curry in 2009. “Larry would’ve never traded Steph–that was his guy, his pick,” one NBA source who knows Riley well said recently. I’ve been tough on Riley over the years, but full credit (along with Don Nelson) for the Curry selection; Riley didn’t trade him during the 2009 draft and wasn’t going to trade him later.