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Myles Turner
Myles Turner
Position: F-C
Born: 03/24/96
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:240 lbs. / 108.9 kg.
Salary: $2,483,040
Wilkins has been universally praised in the locker room for being a true pro and beyond that, for being a great sounding board for the young guys. “I look up to him in every aspect of the game really, just his approach,” Myles Turner said. “He’s legit the first one here every morning. Like two, three hours before practice, he gets his work in. He’s in the weight room every day. He’s just a true professional and that’s one of the things I really appreciated and I took away from him.”
Myles Turner responded to Sunday’s performance the way many basketball players would — by staying in the gym. In only 19 minutes of on-court time due to foul trouble, Turner missed all five field goal attempts and finished with one point — on a technical foul shot, he randomly stepped forward — two rebounds, two blocks, an assist, and four fouls. “I was pretty upset at that game,” Turner admitted after practice on Tuesday. “It just wasn’t how I play, it just wasn’t my brand of basketball. I probably stayed here until like 11 o’clock and I think got up 1,200, 1,300 shots up on The Gun. Just shot.”
Over at the St. Vincent Center, Myles Turner shot alone for about three hours. He was by himself on purpose, and there was no music blasting as you might expect. He wanted to clear his mind and focus on the 1,000-plus shots he fired up before ringing in the New Year with his family. “Whenever I’m depressed or I’m not in a good (mindset), I always come to the gym and just shoot,” said Turner, who lives just blocks away from the facility. “That’s kind of what I did that night but I’m feeling a lot better now. “I had The Gun up, and then I was just shooting. “D.C. [Darren Collison] also came back up here around 11 o’clock and we just talked for a while, just trying to get it together.”
Using his stout frame and relentless energy, it’s nearly impossible to keep Kanter away from offensive rebounds. “It’s hard to keep him off the glass because he’s ultra strong and gets low to wedge you under,” Philadelphia 76ers big man Trevor Booker said of Kanter’s offensive rebounding. “He goes after every rebound. A lot of times, he does his work early in the possession and works you under the basket before the shot is taken.” Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner also gave us his thoughts regarding Kanter’s ferocity on the glass, telling HoopsHype: “He waits for you to play help defense and gets good position when you’re trying to recover and gets you out of the way.”
Myles Turner hasn’t tried acupuncture, but he does do dry-needling, which is similar. Dry-needling is relatively newer, but it also involves the insertion of thin needles to relieve pain. “When I first got into the league, I had tendonitis and my knees were bothering me pretty bad,” Turner told HoopsHype. “I hate needles, so I had never really been into that stuff. But I was basically forced to try it; one day, my trainer just did it and started dry-needling my quad. My knee instantly felt better, it was a lot looser. Now, anytime I get knee tightness, I do it and I see the benefits of it immediately.