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Nate Robinson
Nate Robinson
Position: None
Born: 05/31/84
Height: 5-9 / 1.75
Weight:179 lbs. / 81.6 kg.
Salary: $26,456
Adams knew virtually nothing about the NBA when he arrived. One of his brothers had an old video game he played as a kid. In the game, the best player was Peja Stojakovic, Adams says. And his brother had a poster of Larry Bird. So when Adams started playing, it was a lot of shrugging and no deference, which unnerved a long list of opponents. During his rookie season, Nate Robinson punched him in the stomach. Vince Carter elbowed him in the side of the head. Jordan Hamilton punched him in the shoulder. Larry Sanders elbowed him in the neck. Zach Randolph punched him in the jaw, a move that got Randolph suspended for Game 7 of the Thunder’s first-round playoff series with the Memphis Grizzlies two years ago.
B/R: Who is the worst coach you’ve played under? NR: Mike D’Antoni was a cool coach, but he was just a bad person. He can coach. He was just mean for no reason. He had no reason to be a certain way toward players he liked and didn’t like. As a man, you would talk to somebody if you had a problem with them. You would tell them. He never told me exactly what his problem was with me. I didn’t know how to change it. I’d talk to him every day, but he would ignore me. It was crazy.
B/R: Do you think of yourself as the NBA’s greatest scorer ever who measured under 6 feet? NR: I know I’m filthy. I’m one of the greatest short guys to ever play the game. It doesn’t show because of how most coaches used me, but if I was a player who knew he got 25-30 minutes a game or start…please. I’d be one of the greatest. I was labeled going into the league, went to a dysfunctional team in the New York Knicks, but it was fun. I had a blast. Wouldn’t change it for the world.
B/R: You’ve been on eight teams, including the Celtics twice. Which was your favorite organization? NR: The Bulls. Well, I’d say the Knicks just because they gave me my first opportunity, but the Bulls by far. The Knicks was fun. We got killed every night, but I got to play in the Garden and being a fan favorite because I played my ass off every game. I got to play with Jamal Crawford. I was a freshman, and he was a senior in high school.
B/R: Will Seattle ever get another franchise? If so, should the team be called the Sonics? NR: I hope it has a franchise again. It should be called the Sonics, for sure. Nothing should change. Keep the same colors—just swag the jerseys out. S–t, the main reason Seattle should have a team is because of the ballers it produced. Kevin Durant right now would tell you [that] if he had the chance to go to the Sonics or stay in OKC, he for sure would be in Seattle, and he wouldn’t want to leave ever. Myself, Isaiah Thomas—he has f–king offense—Jamal Crawford, we could build a Seattle team that would compete in the NBA, for sure. Brandon Roy, Marvin Williams, give us Zach LaVine, Avery Bradley, Aaron Brooks, Spencer Hawes, Jon Brockman, Rodney Stuckey…we’re taking all Seattle guys.
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B/R: If your very brief NFL flirtation had worked out, what would’ve been your dream team situation? NR: Seattle Seahawks. B/R: Where would you have ended up had you pursued a football scholarship at Washington? NR: I’d probably have a nice 10-, 11-year career somewhere. A few Super Bowls, MVPs, rings, for sure. I knew I would have to be the best football player ever like Deion Sanders. Jerry Rice is one of the best, but Deion and Bo Jackson are the best athletes ever. Sanders is the greatest. He has his own real, full-fledged rap video. They played it out here before the game during warm-ups. My first game here, I was dancing like, “Hold up. Is this my playlist?” It was one of my favorite songs, “Must Be the Money.”
wpid-i_c3_f6_d0_182557672.jpg How serious are you about pursuing the NFL? Nate Robinson: Serious as a heart attack. Totally serious. As soon as I get the opportunity, if it comes my way, I’ll take full advantage of it. Is playing in the NFL a dream of yours? Nate Robinson: It’s a big-time dream. Something I’ve always wanted to do, play both sports at the highest level. We’ll see if I can be the first one to really do it.
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