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Nazr Mohammed
Nazr Mohammed
Position: C
Born: 09/05/77
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:250 lbs. / 113.4 kg.
Salary: $352,749
Anthony Slater: Q: You mentioned Nazr Mohammed and how you became close over the years. Do you have a story or something you remember him helping you with? Kevin Durant: “Just numerous times during that lockout year, we were going through the same thing we are going through right now. Lost a few games in a row, we were struggling a bit, locker room was down. We were expected to be a contender. Nobody knew it from the outside, but the inside we were going through it a bit. And after every game, Nazr would invite all of us to his house. It would be Reggie (Jackson), Lazar Hayward, Royal (Ivey), myself, D-Fish. We would just all hang out at his house after every game. He opened his doors for us and his wife with amazing just letting the boys hang out. It was just cool, man. It was something I always thought about when he left and all the other guys left. Just going through a tough time and he was always a guy to lean on, someone you could talk to about anything. Like a big brother.”
It’s official. “I’m back.” I’ve always wanted to say that…like I’m MJ or something LOL. I’m officially back in an NBA jersey, and I could not be more excited for this opportunity. You may not have noticed that I have been in what I call semi-retirement. And by the way, I’ve been calling it semi-retirement for two reasons. The first is that a 37-year-old professional athlete doesn’t really retire; we just transition to our next careers. The second reason being that in pro sports, most of us actually “get retired,” either because the phone is no longer ringing for your services or you’re no longer able to accept playing for just any team. As a young player, your only desire is to be in the NBA. As you get older, your desire is to play for certain organizations with certain circumstances, making it a little tougher to find the right fit. Mine was a combination of all of the above. Most of the teams that I had interest in didn’t need my services, and I didn’t have the desire to go just anywhere. And some teams just didn’t want me.
At the end of last season, I anticipated playing this season. That was my mindset. It didn’t work out that way, so I really didn’t get to experience true closure, knowing that “this is it.” It would have been nice to appreciate my last time in the locker room as a player; my last regular-season game; my last training camp. Now I have the chance to get some of those “last” moments and really soak it in. I think I’m going to be more aware of living in the moment. I won’t save anything, even if that means I’m only going out there for a minute during a blowout. I realize how important it is to leave it all out there on the court, enjoy it and relish in the experience. I’m going in with a “this is it” mindset. There is no next year as far as basketball for me.