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Nazr Mohammed
Nazr Mohammed
Position: None
Born: 09/05/77
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:250 lbs. / 113.4 kg.
My name is Nazr Tahiru Mohammed. I am a 1st generation AMERICAN born in Chicago to 2 Muslim Ghanaian immigrants. That means I am an African (no Hyphen) American (born in Chicago) Muslim (practicing Islam with no affiliation with the Nation of Islam but I do consider them brothers and sisters) Black Man (English is the only language I speak). I was told by so many people thru social media the last few days to “Go back to your country” that I feel that I needed to clear things up (smh). Home for me usually means Chicago with Kentucky being my 2nd home. Though visiting Ghana for the second time in my life is also in the plans but it’s still hard for me to call that home.
Basketball has blessed me with the opportunity to meet all types of people with different political views, socioeconomic status’ and religions. Islam has taught me that every sin weighs the same in God’s eyes. That has conditioned me to not overreact in moments of conflict. I try to understand both sides rather than blindly condemn someone as if I’m “holier than thou”. That goes for life choices, religion and politics in my book.
During the debates I noticed that whenever he spoke on minorities his responses had undertones about Mexicans, crime in the inner cities committed by African Americans, implementing “Stop and Frisk” and closing our borders to Muslims and Mexicans to name a few. When he spoke his negative rhetoric at his rallies, I felt as if he was encouraging hatred directly at my family as myself. I felt that way because I am an inner city Black kid, I am Muslim, I am the proud son of immigrants. But what hurt the most was seeing fans and some friends support this man knowing that I was in the large group of people he alienated with his comments
I was hoping that he tricked his supporters in order to do what’s right once he made it into the oval office. So I sat back once again to watch and see what he would do when he was finally inaugurated. And in his first 11 days he proved to me once again that his political views, policies and beliefs are entirely different from mine and the platform he ran on in the election was truly his plan for America. He proved this with his appointments of advisors and cabinet members, his executive order basically banning immigrants from certain Muslim countries and Syrian refugees from entering into the U.S., along with his stance on defunding Planned Parenthood. After all that has been done, I am fearful and hopeful.
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