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Nick Collison
Nick Collison
Position: F
Born: 10/26/80
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:255 lbs. / 115.7 kg.
Salary: $3,750,000
In real terms, the difference might not be massive. It could be in theory – assuming for argument’s sake that he both merits and demands the biggest extension possible, a standard extension for Collison would total $7,772,744 over three years, whereas under this provision it would be $16,849,013 (starting at 107.5% of the $4.86 million average over the previous five years, with 7.5% raises). But in practice, Collison no longer merits that amount. Nevertheless, maybe Collison could get a bit of it. The Thunder have not the financial resources to voluntarily overpay, of course. But Kendrick Perkins finally expires this summer, and Collison is owed a favour. They know what to do.
It’s not the biggest transaction in the grand scheme of the NBA, especially considering the veteran, now in his 11th season, is averaging career lows in points (3.8), rebounds (3.4) and minutes (16) per game. If anything, how the deal was structured might be of most interest to the league at large; the Thunder front office used an obscure and never-before-used provision from the collective bargaining agreement to give Collison a raise — from his $2.5 million salary this season to $3.75 million next year — based on his 10-plus seasons of service with one team.
The Thunder have had their share of players who didn’t follow the Collison plan over the past four years, too; namely Jeff Green, James Harden and now Jackson. Green and Harden were traded before they ever hit free agency. Jackson, a restricted free agent this summer, has been in trade talks for several weeks. Sam Presti has never allowed one of his core players to reach free agency since he took over as general manager in 2007. This year’s trade deadline is now three weeks away. “This organization has always shown an interest in getting something done [before free agency],” Collision said. “When both sides feel good about the deal, then things get done.”