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Pascal Siakam
Pascal Siakam
Position: F
Born: 04/02/94
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:230 lbs. / 104.3 kg.
Salary: $1,312,611
The Raptors are hoping 23-year-old Pascal Siakam, who is shooting just under two threes per game at an 18.7-percent rate, can make a similar leap. While the jumper has yet to come along, Siakam has morphed from a reckless ball-handler who would occasionally twirl out of bounds performing ill-conceived spin moves, into the engine that fuels the second unit. DeRozan referred to Siakam as Toronto’s Draymond Green after Monday’s blowout win over the Pistons. “You have to be [patient],” Casey told SB Nation on Sunday. “We have a young team, seven or eight guys, and we’re trying to win at the same time. If you’re developing and winning’s not the top priority of the season, then OK, but for us, it’s always been to try to win at the same time, which is tough to do.”
David Aldridge: How do you know when you’re all locked in? DeMar DeRozan: You just know. I always look at my guy Kyle, and you know he’s gonna ride or die with you. But it’s crazy when you’re able to look over at a guy like Pascal Siakam, or Fred Van Vleet, or Delon Wright, these young guys who only have a couple of years in the league, they’ve got the same look that Kyle’s got. That says a lot about the team. Because you know when those young guys go in, they’re some dogs, too. That’s the beauty of it, and it shows.
The DeMar DeRozan we’ve all come to know and love over the years was defiant in his refusal to shoot 3-pointers. When you’re great at the elbows, and in the post, he’d state firmly, why just follow the trend and float to the 3-point line? Why not dominate where you are dominant? And as he made Olympic and All-Star teams, with him and fellow All-Star/Olympian Kyle Lowry playing the way they’ve played for years, why change? And yet, last Thursday, there was DeRozan, in Philadelphia, ripping the nets from behind the arc like Klay Thompson. DeRozan was 6-for-9 on threes, en route to a career-high 45 points, in leading the Raptors past the 76ers. Toronto shot 35 threes, and did so with a host of guys hoisting—rookie O.G. Anunoby here, a Pascal Siakam there. Where the hell is Team Pick and Roll? And what is your demand for the safe return of my favorite iconoclast two guard? “No ransom,” DeRozan said with a smile afterward. “Just pull it out when you need it.”