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Pat Garrity
Pat Garrity
Position: None
Born: 08/23/76
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:238 lbs. / 108 kg.
Detroit Pistons Head Coach and President of Basketball Operations Stan Van Gundy announced today promotions and restructuring within the basketball operations staff. Pat Garrity has been promoted to assistant general manager, Andrew Loomis to chief of staff and Bob Beyer to associate head coach. Otis Smith joins the Pistons’ staff as director of player development/assistant coach while assistant coach Brendan Malone will transition to a special assignment scout, residing in New York. Quentin Richardson is leaving the organization for personal reasons.
Hunter can be fiery and convincing. It’s a skill that has served players in negotiations with the NBA. It has also served to squelch (Tellem would say “intimidate”) those like Pat Garrity and Derek Fisher who have both questioned his business practices. Regardless, player reps have heard complaints about Hunter for years and Hunter’s force of personality has, by numerous insider accounts, been the driving force preventing them from taking action.
This was only the tip of the iceberg, the surface story of Hunter’s own personal fraternity in which he routinely “suppressed criticism” and “threats to his authority,” the report said. Among the most distressing examples, the report says, was the way Hunter and general counsel Gary Hall prevented former NBPA treasurer Pat Garrity from raising questions in an executive committee meeting during 2009 All-Star weekend about the union’s dealings with Hunter’s family members and also the vacation pay Hunter was requesting. “Had Mr. Hunter allowed Mr. Garrity to explain his concerns to the Executive Committee without interference,” the report states, “the Union might have begun to address years earlier many of the issues this report now covers.”
The pursuit of the $7 million to $9 million bank investment didn’t end in the February 2009 meeting when Garrity raised questions with Derek Fisher, union lawyers and several members of the executive committee in the room. Despite ISN Bank officials sending dire shareholder letters over these same months, Hunter stayed on course seeking an investment from the NBPA. Four months after Garrity confronted Hunter, the push for investment into the failing ISN Bank was still alive at an NBPA meeting in Las Vegas in late June 2009, sources said. The pursuit of ISN Bank eventually ended as ISN spiraled beyond revival in early 2010, sources said. The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance closed the bank in September 2010. The FDIC bailout of Interstate Net Bank cost taxpayers $23.9 million.
At the meeting, Hunter left the talking to longtime ally and NBPA chief counsel, Gary Hall, and Hall wasn’t offering answers. Garrity and Hall screamed back and forth, and Garrity’s questions weren’t addressed, witnesses said. Finally, witnesses said, Hall – who died on May 11, 2011 – told Garrity that he was a retired player, no longer welcome on the executive committee, and that security would be called to remove him unless he left on his own. With executive committee members Keyon Dooling and Adonal Foyle appearing uncomfortable – and NBPA president Derek Fisher refusing to use his authority to demand Garrity be allowed to speak over Hall’s yelling – Garrity left the room, left the NBPA and never returned again. Fisher declined comment.