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Paul George
Paul George
Position: F
Born: 05/02/90
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $16,900,000
In the midst of discussing the teams’ recent addition, Texas center Myles Turner via the 2015 NBA Draft, Pacers coach Frank Vogel provided an update on the face of the Indiana Pacers, Paul George. “His calf is healed,” Vogel said. “His leg is healed. He’s claiming to be 100 percent. He looks really good, and I’m just saying if you talk to him. If you watch him in half-court workouts right now, the amount that he was favoring (the calf) at the end of the year, which was noticeable and expected, he’s not favoring it right now. He looks really good. He’s in L.A. right now but he’s been back as recently as this past week,” Vogel continued. “He’s looked really good in individual workouts. Obviously, training camp and two-a-days — that’ s a different story. He still has a long way to go. He’s looking really good right now.”
Fortunately for Pacers fans, team president Larry Bird wasn’t influenced by the 2010 mock consensus. This was the best call of his career as a team president. None of the other players projected for the Pacers that year have had nearly the NBA career George has had, although Hayward, who went a pick ahead of George, has been productive enough for Utah to be awarded a max contract. No wonder NBA decision-makers either ignore the mock drafts or chuckle at them. “I don’t pay a lot of attention to them,” Pacers scouting director Ryan Carr said. “I’m more worried about where we have guys ranked. “I know the guys who run the main ones. They’re good guys and they’re working hard, but they’re doing it for public consumption, not for us. I’ll stick with our internal thinking rather than someone who isn’t in all our meetings and isn’t invested in what we’re trying to do.”
He was ready for the biggest challenge of all. A little more than 10 months after a horrific leg injury and just hours after impressing his coach with an hourlong workout, the Indiana Pacers’ two-time All-Star proclaimed he felt like his old self and was ready to face his biggest rival. “I’m dunking on both legs, and if we were in the Finals tonight, I’d be ready for LeBron,” George joked before the first pitch at a celebrity softball game. “I guess I should say I’d be ready for the Warriors.”
With each year, George, the Pacers’ 2010 first round pick, has gotten more and more involved in the Indy community. Taking over for Roy Hibbert, he’ll co-host the annual Caroline Symmes Celebrity Softball Challenge with Robert Mathis from the Colts in June. The fans have always shown him great support, especially since his leg injury last August. “This is my city,” George said when I asked him about his increased involvement. “A city that I came to love and it’s vice-versa. This city has shown me the most love. I don’t think I do enough to be honest.”