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“We were the Shaq and Kobe before Shaq and Kobe,” Shaq tells The Daily Beast of him and Penny. “We were the first team to have two guys with signature shoes. And we never had problems. I don’t know about Magic and Kareem’s relationship or any other small-big guy’s relationship, but we never had problems. The only time we had problems was when I had to tell Penny he could be too unselfish at times and he had to shoot.”
“Regret is the wrong word,” replies Shaq, shaking his head. “I’ve always had people around me and been a good enough thinker to think about my situation. When I went to L.A., I knew I had to go to another level. I could go in Orlando, make it to the Finals, and people would say, ‘Hey, good job.’ But when I went to L.A., it was, hey, Magic’s won five, Kareem’s won five, what are you gonna do? And then there were all the opportunities for me to shake hands with people and do certain things in [the entertainment industry]. I have no regrets. I went out there, won 3 out of 4, and then left and got another title. I’m happy.”
As far as the comparison between Penny-as-teammate and Kobe, well, it was a different time. “Penny was on the end of the era when guards knew that you had to get it to the big man first,” he says with a smile. “Penny knew that. Now, because of AND1 and all that bullshit, everybody’s going for their own. But in order to win, especially when you got a big guy like me, you gotta get it to ‘em and keep his motor running. I’m famous for saying, ‘If you don’t feed the big dog, the yard won’t get guarded.’ So, if you don’t feed me, I’ll let everybody come in this motherfucker and rob us.”
Most of Penny Hardaway’s Foamposite sneakers focus on his Orlando Magic colors, but Nike’s spent some time referencing the other teams he played on. What they’ve never done on Foams is reference his very short time with the Golden State Warriors, who selected Hardaway as the third overall pick in the 1993 NBA Draft. In a new interview with Nice Kicks, the NBA legend says he’s hoping that Nike will create a shoe nodding to that brief era in his career. “I would love to see a new colorway like a Golden State Foamposite from me and Chris Webber being traded,” he says. “I think Wale and I spoke about that maybe three or four years ago because he’s a sneakerhead and he loves the Foams.”
Penny Hardaway on Mike Conley’s future in Memphis: “It’s not really about the money, it’s about ‘This is his team.’ The franchise has definitely told him ‘Hey, we’re behind you, we’d trade everyone else…’ They even traded Kyle Lowry, and Kyle Lowry is playing great. He’s an All-Star now. They traded everybody to keep Mike happy. They letting Mike know ‘This is your team, and we want you to be the future’. Mike probably will stay with them.”
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