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Petteri Koponen
Position: None
Born: 04/13/88
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:194 lbs. / 88 kg.
Finnish point guard Petteri Koponen hopes to be playing in the NBA by the 2015-16 season. Here at the 2014 FIBA World Cup, Koponen told he intends to make the jump to the NBA after completing the final season on his contract with BC Khimki in Russia. “I always said my dream is to play in the NBA,” Koponen said. “Every summer we talk a little bit with Dallas to see what the situation is and what they think. I’ve got one more year left on my contract in Russia and then of course I would like to come over. I hope I get some options to go there and show I can play at that level.”
Point guard Petteri Koponen took the floor hoping for a showing that would convince the critics Finland deserved its FIBA wild card for something other than the raucous band of traveling fans it could bring to the World Cup or its ties to the big money of Rovio and their Angry Birds franchise. Koponen and his pals wound up running straight into a pack of Angry Yanks and their buzzsaw D. “Maybe they’re missing some great players, but for sure these players want to show how great they are, too,” Koponen told just before making the much longer walk to his team bus. “They want to show the whole world they are the next generation, and they’re going to be the next superstars.”
The Finns, meanwhile, have announced a 26-strong preliminary squad for this summer. Finland preliminary squad for FIBA Baskeball World Cup: Roope Ahonen, Joonas Caven, Samuel Haanpaa, Shawn Huff, Antti Kanervo, Ville Kaunisto, Mikko Koivisto, Petteri Koponen, Tuukka Kotti, Gerald Lee Jr, Antero Lehto, Carl Lindbom, Oskar Michelsen, Alex Murphy, Erik Murphy, Kiummo Muurinen, Vesa Makalainen, Hanno Mottola, Antto Nikkarinen, Antti Nikkila, Matti Nuutinen, Anton Odabasi, Julius Rajala, Teemu Rannikko, Sasu Salin and Samuli Vanttaja.
BC Khimki signed a three-year deal with the player of Finland National team, 24-yer-old point guard Petteri Koponen, who played the last four years in Virtus Bologna (Italy). Victor Bychkov, BC Khimki General Manager: — Koponen brilliantly played for several years in Italy, and during this season had a lot of proposals from well-known clubs, so we are doubly pleased that he preferred our club. The contract was signed for 3 years, but there is an option that after his first or second season Petteri can move to the NBA, cause as we know some NBA clubs are interested in him. Now we can say that the main task of staffing has been resolved. Four players left our club — and four other came instead. All these acquisitions were meaningful and point. It only coincided by chance that the signing of the contracts occurred during past few days, although the work was carried out over a long time. Now we understand the contours of our future team. But the biggest achievement of this off-season is the preserving of the backbone from the last year.
Petteri Koponen: In the next future I see myself playing in the NBA but before, it is better to play a couple of seasons in Euroleague. I am not looking for the best financial proposal but for the team who can give me minutes where my role is important. I am going to talk with the Mavs too. If they have space for me from the coming season, I am going in the NBA. Of course, I don’t want to go the NBA sitting on the bench. Italy? With the right offer I might stay in Italy as well. I love Bologna, it is my second home. I will be back in ten years as coach. And If I am not ready, I will start my experience as assistant coach’ said Koponen.
The perennial Italian champions, as reported by Chema De Lucas of, are targeting both Daniel Hackett and Petteri Koponen. The Finnish combo guard’s contract will expire in the summer and he often said that he would love to step up and Siena would be the ideal destination. Daniel Hackett is one of the best Italian players in Serie A and would help both Bo McCalebb and Petteri Koponen in PG and SG position. According to Chema de Lucas, the two deals are already done. Siena will bring back Kristjan Kangur too. The Estonian forward was signed to a 3-year contract last summer and sent on loan to Cimberio Varese.
Petteri Koponen: What will I do if Virtus Bologna is going to offer me a new contract? It is too early to talk about my future. At the end of the season my contract will expire and I want to see if any Euroleague team will make me a proposal. I want to talk with Dallas Mavericks as well because they own my NBA rights. If Virtus Bologna reaches Euroleague, it would be a huge opportunity for me to sit with the management and discuss a new deal. Siena and Milano? I was close to joining them in more than one occasion, but it didn’t happen. I am happy to be here, I love Bologna but now I am ready for the next challenge. I am 24 and I want to play at the highest levels. For sure I don’t want to sign for a great team risking to be a bench player for the entire season and I don’t want to score 30 points at night for a weak team” said Koponen.
“To stay with Virtus? Why not? My goal is to play in Euroleague because I think for me it is important to play at the highest European level. And if I can play in Euroleague with Virtus Bologna, anyone would be happier than me. I don’t know what is going to happen from now to June. NBA or Euroleague? It is not clear to me as well. If Virtus Bologna plays in Euroleague, I know I would have an important role in the team. Dallas Mavericks? I spoke with them a couple of time, they told me to finish the season with Virtus” said Koponen, via BolognaBasket.
Claudio Sabatini, owner of Virtus Bologna, said that the club wants to keep Petteri Koponen for his last year of contract. “Everyday I read that Petteri won’t play with us next season because he doesn’t want to start as a guard. I want him with us next year and I don’t mind if I will lose him without buyout at the end of the season. I would be disappointed if someone will come to us offering the buyout we are asking for him. I consider him as my fourth son” said Sabatini on Koponen.
Portland Trail Blazers Acting GM Chad Buchanan responded to a question from Brian Berger on 750 AM The Game about Finnish guard Petteri Koponen’s statement that he feels like a “hostage” and would like the team to release his rights… “All three of the guys — Victor Claver, Joel Freeland and Petteri Koponen — we value all three of those guys. They bring something different to our team. For us, it’s trying to find the right time that makes sense to bring them over. “I think one or two guys are probably more ready to contribute than the others. We want to make sure that we’re not bringing them over to put them on the roster. We want to bring them over when they’re ready to contribute for us.
Koponen, 6-4″, played with Blazers summer league team in Las Vegas in 2007 and 2008, but despite steady improvement, he didn’t make it into an actual NBA roster. For the last three years, Koponen has been playing for Italian powerhouse Virtus Bologna while his NBA rights belong to the Blazers. In Ilta-Sanomat interview, Koponen states that he’s unhappy with the situation. – Other NBA clubs have been interested in me, but Blazers have all the cards in their hands. If Blazers don’t want to let me go, I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the other clubs (that have contacted me), states Koponen.
Yes, it’s true the Blazers hold the rights to a trio of international prospects that could help alleviate their biggest offseason needs. But, for a variety of reasons, it’s unlikely any of the players — Spanish forward Victor Claver, British big man Joel Freeland or Finnish point guard Petteri Koponen — will provide help to the franchise anytime soon. “We’re very happy with the development of all three of them,” said Blazers lead scout Joe Cronin, who toured Europe in May to evaluate all three prospects. “They’ve progressed noticeably, each one of them, and have made some really good improvements to their game. We were really happy with all three of the guys.”
Buchanan compares Freeland’s situation to that of Luis Scola, who enjoyed several successful seasons in Europe before joining the Houston Rockets three seasons ago at age 27. Freeland, 24, did not start playing basketball until he was a teenager and has made gradual improvement since the Blazers drafted him with the 30th pick in 2006. He had his best season in 2010-11, averaging 13.2 points and 6.1 rebounds, and another season in the ACB League can only help. “Next summer we’ll take a really hard look at bringing him over,” Buchanan said. “He’ll be 25 and starting to enter the prime of career and will have another high-level European season under his belt. Next summer, we’ll have serious discussions about it.”
As reported by BolognaBasket, Bill Branch and Steve Rosberry, assistant GM of Portland Trail Blazers, were yesterday in Bologna to scout Petteri Kopopnen. The two scouts talked with coach Lino Lardo and his staff asking info on the Finnish combo guard. Branch and Rosberry spent even time in Valencia to see Victor Claver. Koponen was selected by Philadelphia 76ers in the 2007 NBA draft and then his rights were traded to Portland for Derrick Byars and cash consideration.
Petteri Koponen’s bid to be fit for Finland’s EuroBasket qualifying campaign has ended after he was forced to have another operation. Koponen was attempting to battle back from a stress fracture in his foot suffered in April, and spoke optimistically about his chances of returning earlier this week. However, that schedule has now been abandoned. “The bone in Peter’s leg is improving with the rehabilitation, and it has been in line with expectations,” said team doctor Aleksi Kallioniemi. “But Peter has had a small routine operation aimed at preventing a recurrence of the same injury.