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Pooh Jeter: Ever since we were introduced, we’ve been 100 percent with each other. We had a great connection from the very first moment and I can say he’s one of the realest people I’ve ever known. He and his manager Andrew always showed so much love to me. I remember going out to different restaurants with him. DeMarcus being from the south, he took me to soul food spots (made me eat gator once!) and he was such a funny guy to be around all the time. He’s really cool and genuinely cares for people. Even though we have not been teammates for five years, he’s paid attention to where I was career-wise. When he knew I got the Ukrainian passport, he found it so funny. We eventually met in Bilbao (Spain) during the 2014 World Cup at a Team USA-Ukraine game and he was so amused by the whole thing.
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The road that separates Pooh Jeter and Turkish team Galatasaray is now too long. The point guard is coming back to China to finalize a contract extension with Chinese team Shandong Lions for the fourth consecutive season, source told Sportando. At the end of the CBA, Pooh Jeter’s contract expired and GM for Shandong declared not to have the intention to keep him because of his age, but in the last days he suddenly changed his mind and started to work on an extension that now is very close. Jeter is absolutely respected and considered like a leader in China. He will sign another important contract and will try to push the team to the CBA playoffs.
We witnessed the developments in Ukraine with Fratello and Volkov’s departure in the foreground. The first question that comes to mind is whether he will compete in the upcoming Eurobasket with the national team of Ukraine. Pooh Jeter: “I’m not going to play with the national team this summer. One reason is that Fratello and Volkov are not on the team. The last two summers were great. It was a great chance for me to help a team that hadn’t achieved something major to play well in a Eurobasket and qualify to a World Cup. I have a history with the team since 2008 and I’ve been through a lot with all the guys there. I remember that most people had predicted that we would be last in the rankings.