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Quincy Acy
Quincy Acy
Position: F
Born: 10/06/90
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:225 lbs. / 102.1 kg.
Salary: $1,709,538
You will find very few men that are on top of the world the way Quincy Acy is. On the same day as his wedding day, Acy signed a $1.71 million vets minimum deal that was to be guaranteed on Sunday. Members of the Nets performance team congratulated the couple, telling Acy they expect to see him in October. He (sort of) confirmed when he retweeted this on Monday:

Four-foot-three Austin Acy, the son of Brooklyn Nets forward Quincy Acy, is doing drills on the Nets practice court. He’s working on his handles by dribbling around cones and hitting shots from the free throw line – 15 feet from the basket, which is over three times Austin’s height. But he’s a welcome presence on the floor and an energetic one – kind of like his dad. “He has a personality that illuminates the room every time he walks in,” Acy said. “He’s just high energy. Everyone that meets him is shocked at how much he just goes. There’s never a down moment with him. It’s always something. He’s just a great spirit. Coach Adam [Harrington] he says all the time, your kid has a great spirit – I love him. That’s a common factor that a lot of people describe him as. He’s a great spirited kid. That’s just him.”
Given Acy’s nomadic journey and that Austin lives in California, the father-son time is at a premium during the season. The Nets help out where they can and let Austin tag along during their recent Golden State-Sacramento road trip, which Acy was grateful for. “It’s tough being a dad in the NBA, but every chance you get to spend time, you got to do it because it’s important and I can tell how much it affects him,” Acy said. “Whenever he misses me for a long time he’ll come up and hug me and be like ‘I love you dad.’ And I’m like ‘I love you too son’ he needs that time and any extra time I have, he gets it all.”