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Quincy Acy
Quincy Acy
Position: F
Born: 10/06/90
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:225 lbs. / 102.1 kg.
Salary: $1,709,538
“I think a lot of the young players were influenced by him,” Acy added. “He has influenced the overall game of the NBA as well. I think pretty soon in the near future, all rosters will be filled with guys who are at least 6-foot-9 who can all dribble, shoot and defend. He really changed the landscape of the game. Now, you have a bunch of [players like Durant], from the Greek Freak to Kyle Kuzma to Brandon Ingram – all of those point forward types who can play from top to bottom, switching one-through-five. It’s really amazing to see how quickly the game is evolving and the direction that it’s heading.”
Of course, what I found most interesting was actually the guys who got multiple votes from their compatriots without being All-Star caliber players. My favorite list of player-voted non-All-Stars includes: Michael Beasley (4), Gordon Hayward (2), Boban Marjanovic (2), Jahlil Okafor (4), Quincy Acy (2), Tyler Zeller (4), T.J. McConnell (2), Elfrid Payton (2), Zaza Pachulia (3), Taj Gibson (6), Zach Randolph (5), Maurice Harkless (2), Deyonta Davis (3), Lonzo Ball (9), Mike Conley (3).
Storyline: All-Star Selections
Spencer Dinwiddie has gone from G-League find to NBA backup to the Brooklyn Nets’ go-to guy, and — so far this season — their most indispensable player. And watching how he has worked his way up every rung of that ladder — and learned from every stumble along the way — has earned him the respect of those Nets. “Just watching him over the summer … Spencer was a guy that really approached the game the right way,” Quincy Acy said. “He eats right — we make fun of him because he’ll have a whole plate full of asparagus and weird stuff.
“He’s hit some big shots, tough shots,” said Atkinson, who left Acy in to space the floor for Dinwiddie. And the 24-year-old guard put the lessons he’d learned in Indiana to use. “He’s a smart guy. Right afterward [in Indiana], he’s like I should’ve drove it,” Acy said. “He takes ownership, and he listens to coaches and everybody else … credit to him. He’s learning from his mistakes and he’s capitalizing on his opportunities.”