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Rajon Rondo
Rajon Rondo
Position: G
Born: 02/22/86
Height: 6-1 / 1.85
Weight:171 lbs. / 77.6 kg.
Salary: $14,000,000
“It was important to play with the spirit of a tough minded team,” said Gibson. “Rondo is a tough minded guy; he loves his teammates. The whole night he was just chattering away, telling us what to do. You see when the scuffle happened he was the first one in there. It’s great to have guys like that having your back. The good teams know how to find a way to win games. That comes from having guys like D. Wade, Rondo, guys who have actually won before and are not afraid to take those shots. All during the game all I heard was Rondo’s voice constantly motivating guys, constantly telling guys where to go; even when D. Wade hit that big shot, Rondo was in there saying, ‘Stop celebrating, let’s get ready for the next play.’ Those are the things that help teams.”
That was late in the second quarter, and a significant moment in itself as the Celtics moved back within 49-43. Former Butler Marquette teammate Jae Crowder grabbed a Wade miss and ran into Butler, knocking him down. Butler kind of kicked up at Crowder, who then leaned on Butler. Teammates moved in and when Thomas grabbed at Butler, Rondo came sprinting to grab Thomas. With the referees trying to make sure the nine players now milling around didn’t do any more, Wade stood to the side practicing threes. “Jae’s my guy,” said Butler while Crowder declined comment to Boston media. “In the heat of the moment that’s supposed to happen. (But) that let’s me know these (guys) are coming to war with you. When I hit the deck, Rondo was right there. I want to thank Rondo for backing me up thoroughly. It’s good to have guys show you we are going to be here together. And Wade was practicing his three-point shot. That’s my guy.”
Only the drama gets mentioned when talking about the Kings, and it can affect even the most decorated of guys. “I wouldn’t say it was chaos, but the media portrayed it as chaos,” Rondo says. “We had ups and downs, we went through certain situations. Publicly talking about firing our coach, didn’t fire our coach. It was a lot of distractions versus what we were able to do as a team.”
2 days ago via SLAM
Storyline: Sacramento Kings Turmoil?
Rondo’s physical gifts are undeniable. His long arms can leave those foolish enough to try grasping for air—like the video of Rondo toying with Trey Burke. But the narrative on Rondo changed from being the “difficult but worth it” type to “problem child” seemingly overnight, and he’s self-aware enough to know exactly where it comes from. Even if you stumble through your words trying to find the right way to phrase the question about his reputation, Rondo sees mercy and helps you out. “We can say it: Rick Carlisle,” he says bluntly. “It was a learning process in itself.”
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“Rick ran things differently,” Rondo says. In Boston, “I could call a play on one side of the floor and flip it on the opposite side to confuse the defense. In the beginning [in Dallas] I just had to bite my tongue with how things were run because they won there and I won [before]. “The incident that everybody blew up, Rick and I were on different pages on that particular day.” The two had disagreements in the Playoffs a couple years back, a situation both parties should find regrettable. But the reputation has followed only Rondo. Has it affected him negatively? “Absolutely.”
3 days ago via SLAM