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Ramon Sessions
Ramon Sessions
Position: G
Born: 04/11/86
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.2 kg.
Salary: $2,328,652
“Man, that’s just part of being a teammate,” he said. “Being in this business you’ve got so many things that are called upon you at different times. You’ve just got to be ready for them, try to execute them to the best of your ability. Whether it’s running this squad, whether it’s me and Ramon (Sessions) showing Frank the ropes, that’s something we were going to do anyway. I don’t think anybody had to call upon us to go over and do that. That’s in our nature. People did it for us. It’s just in the nature of the business, the nature of a teammate just to try to pass that knowledge down to somebody else.
Knicks veteran point guard Ramon Sessions is here as rookie Frank Ntilikina’s mentor and is already raising the stakes on the 19-year-old’s potential. “It’s funny,’’ Sessions said in his first remarks since signing with the Knicks. “It’s one of those things. I played with Johnny when he was younger. Kyrie when he was young. He’s got a lot of Kyrie tendencies. Not the most athletic guy but can handle the ball in tight spots. It’s still early on, but he definitely gives me that Kyrie feel when Kyrie was a rookie.