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Rashad McCants
Rashad McCants
Position: None
Born: 09/25/84
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:207 lbs. / 93.9 kg.
Do you think politics played a role in you being out of the NBA after four years? Rashad McCants: Well, if you look at my stats, they don’t say “bum” or “bust” or “trash” or any of those things that some of the fans or people in the NBA want to say. But those people don’t look back at my body of work – even with limited minutes. Politics definitely played a part in [my NBA career ending]. I’ve never been in trouble. I never beat someone up or gotten a DUI or anything like that. It’s politics and rumors. At the end of the day, you try to figure out who starts these rumors, but the NBA is like a fraternity and nobody will tell you who’s saying different things. You’ll never find out who’s telling people not to touch you. I just kind of stay away from it. Now, I’m just gracious for the opportunity that Ice Cube and Roger Mason Jr. have given me in the BIG3. This is a chance to resurrect my career and show people I can still play.
However, most recently Rashad McCants was quoted in the Charlotte Observer saying his biggest regret in his career was his highly publicized relationship with Khloe Kardashian. In the Observer, McCants said, “without that situation in play, I’m a $60-70 million dollar player.” On Friday, DIME caught up with McCants, who clarified the quotes and comments to the Observer. “The quote was definitely taken out of context,” McCants told DIME. “I wasn’t accusing her, nor did I blame her. It could’ve been anybody in a public light. I just got a lot of attention put on me at the time, which put me in a situation where my professionalism was questioned. There are no hard feelings and nothing was on her, though.”
“The numbers that were quoted in the story of me saying 60-70 million dollars were never said by me during the conversation,” McCants said. “My numbers and my career reflected that of someone who could get two contracts of about 3 years and 30 to 35 million dollars. So over my career, yeah, I could’ve been a $60-70 million dollar player. I averaged over ten points a game and there was almost no interest from teams. It just seemed strange and fishy.”
Former North Carolina men’s basketball star Rashad McCants says he has no relationship with UNC or coach Roy Williams – and that isn’t likely to change anytime soon. In 2014, McCants alleged that the university kept him eligible through fake classes and minimal attendance, and he said his former coach was complicit with the scheme. Williams has denied any knowledge of wrongdoing, but McCants has stuck to his claims. “The things he’s done and said and denied, I just can’t respect,” said McCants, who played for Williams for two seasons. “As a coach, he’s a great coach, and he’s deserving of the Hall of Fame and everything that’s coming to him. But as a man, I don’t have anything to say.”