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Raul Neto
Raul Neto
Position: G
Born: 05/19/92
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:172 lbs. / 78 kg.
Salary: $877,800
Despite finding himself in this predicament, Burke remained optimistic and always kept a positive attitude. After speaking with Trey Burke’s father, Benji Burke, he said that Trey’s positivity is accredited to his “faith”. “First his faith with God,” said Benji Burke, and then he went on to say, “Nothing is worth anything without some adversity. Second, he knew and so did the Jazz management and coaching staff that he was a better player than Dante Exum and Raul Neto. Numbers never lie.”
He said the Games have also given him a chance to meet the newest member of the Jazz — Boris Diaw, the former Spurs veteran who plays for France. “I’ve talked to Boris in the (athlete’s) village,” he said. “He’s a really nice guy. (Leandro) Barbosa played with him in Phoenix, and he say only good things about him. I think we have a great team, some nice guys joined our team, and we expect (to) do better (this) season.”
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